Edge Time Extend: Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory

Edge: Though founded on the individual lethality of team Rainbow's bullets, Tom Clancy's videogame brand is latterly better known for spectacle – the name indicating a certain competence of bombastic action that mixes meaty gunplay with a smattering of credible tactics and near-future gadgetry. But developers have done little with the fiction.

It's hard to be inspired by it.

More often than not, Clancyworld is a towering carbuncle of forgettable acronyms, geopolitical name-dropping and technobabble, slotted together with the same nihilistic abandon as Star Trek's quantum torpedoes and subspace conduits. There are precious few memorable characters. Ghost Recon's Scott Mitchell is a spectral personality, while HAWX's David Crenshaw would struggle to claim greater charm than an unmanned aerial drone.

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