Silicon Knights get $4-million boost

Local company Silicon Knights is getting nearly $4 million in federal money to create a new video game, leaving community leaders gushing the region is one step closing to being a gaming capital.

The St. Catharines company will use the money to create a new high-end game for multiple platforms and will immediately create 65 additional jobs.

"This is going to benefit Silicon Knights in ways that are profound and long-lasting," said company president Denis Dyack.

The announcement was made Friday by MP Rick Dykstra at the company's offices at 1 St. Paul Street in downtown St. Catharines.

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Mr_Bun3109d ago

It took SK 10 years to produce a title that was exclusive to the 360...How long will it take them to produce a multiplatform title?

Nineball21123109d ago

Yeah, I understand your point, but I hope they use that money wisely.

You'd think 4 million should be plenty to make a solid game in a decent amount of time... although, I must admit I have NO idea what a typical budget is for a game.

We all know Too Human wasn't the best game, but I'd really like to see all good developers have success if possible.

toaster3109d ago

Silicon Knights was a great dev. Dark Legions and MGS: The Twin Snakes were great games. But they failed hard with Too Human. I'm hoping this 4mil will help them get back on track.

Cold 20003109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

So they had the 360 dev kits in...2000...damn thats even before the Xbox launched. /s

I heard the average budget for a game is 15 million$ so I dont think 4 million is that much.

Christopher3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

And you're not one of them. Not even close. Too Human wasn't bad, but it just doesn't even get you into the AA title bracket.

Sorry Dyack, but the problem right now is that you're the one talking for your company. My #1 suggestion for a path to success, replace yourself as a company figure head with someone who is more believable and is a whole lot less argumentative/defensive when it comes to talking about your own games.

Anon19743109d ago

And not just because they're Canadian. I loved the legacy of Kain games, and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem was one of my favorite games the Gamecube ever saw. I felt for them when Too Human fell flat. I really expected them to hit it out of the park. Let's hope they've taken what they've learned from that and can move forward. I think they still have tremendous potential.

Elven63109d ago

Mr.Bun: They only started working on the Xbox 360 version in 2005/2006, even then it's Too Human in name only, the original game was supposed to be different and it's apparent from the screens/videos on sites like IGN.

Cold: Money given to you by the Canadian government for projects only needs to be paid back if you turn a profit, no interest either, that $4 million can go a long way.

wicko3109d ago

Too Human was originally a PSX game, and then a Sega Saturn game for a little while I believe. It's basically what happened to Duke Nukem Forever, better hardware kept coming out so they scrapped what they had to make the game look better. Except Too Human actually released, of course, but whether that is for the better remains to be seen.

Honestly I wouldn't work at SK, my hometown was St. Catharines but I decided to move away and work at a different studio. Dyack is way too over-confident and its pretty clear that he can't take criticism too well. Didn't sound like fun to work there.

ico923109d ago

Development also moved to the Gamecube, then you had that incident with Epic, basicly it was in develoment hell

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The Simple Truth3109d ago

expect their next flop in 2027

Blaster_Master3109d ago

Take that 4 million and run SK. Your just gonna end up losing all that money due to your crappy game devs

BeaArthur3109d ago

I'll develop a game if I can get 4 million.

dkgshiz3109d ago

They had one good game thats it.

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The story is too old to be commented.