An interview with Jack Thompson -

"I am still continually referenced by the industry and gamers as the industry's Public Enemy Number One. They are afraid that I shall return, and I shall, full bore, stronger than ever, the irresponsible elements' within the industry worst nightmare. I love it."

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retrohive3113d ago

Luckily almost no one takes him serious.

-Alpha3113d ago

Which means he is motivated to be more of a nuisance.

I actually don't fully disagree with Thompson, but he doesn't know how to make arguments. It's sensible enough to believe that people are influenced by violence and suggestive themes in video games. Children especially have impressionable minds. People who refuse to blame video games at all are just as wrong as people who only blame video games.

There is a fine middle area that neither gamers or guys like Thompson takes and that's the sad part of it.

pangitkqb3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

= Total D-bag.

It is one thing to raise awareness as an individual about something you feel is important. It is a whole other thing to act so terribly as you go about it that you 1) end up almost Universally hated (by several industries, such as Rap Music, not just Gaming) and 2) have your license to practice law REMOVED BY THE STATE YOU LIVE IN. Yup, the state of Florida literally disbarred him for creating so many unnecessary problems for the State.

He also once claimed Janet Reno assaulted him after she put her hand on his shoulder.

Oh, yes, he is also trying to sue Facebook for $40 million right now because of the disparaging things people have said about him on there.

In other words, this guy lives to create controversy and problems for other people. Jack Thompson = Total D-bag.

Millah3113d ago

This guys is just an attention seeking dlck face with delusions of grandeur. People should just ignore him and not feed into his ego, he probably got a boner knowing that a website wanted to interview him, and he probably gets off reading people talk about him on the Internet despite it being overwhelmingly negative. I mean listen to him, talking about himself being public enemy number one and that he "loves it." some douches just get a thrill out of being the villain. Either way he wont be doing much now that his license has been taken away, the courts know this guys a clown and won't take him seriously.

jadenkorri3113d ago

"Sure, all the Grand Theft Auto games are still being marketed and sold to minors., also, has completely abandoned IDing the age of on-line buyers. I may be filing a suit shortly against it. There is no rest for the wicked."

Like WTF, seriously, I barely got a credit card when I was 21, I guess alot of 12 years olds must have very good credit. Maybe instead amazon should have a pop up, how old are you. Maybe that will shut Jack up. Even if a kid/teen has a credit card, not alot do, so its a acceptable way to validate age. but ultimately it comes to one factor "PARENTING"....
And if Jack thinks a ban will happen on video games in America, he's honestly the biggest idiot on this planet. It would be like a ban on movies, it just wouldn't happen with the amount of revenue movies and games bring in yearly. His line of thinking will be shot down with one statement, its the parents responsibility to make sure their kid not be playing M rated games.

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koehler833113d ago

I refuse to read this. I simply need to comment to ask why?

Giving this turd a voice demeans us all. Stop it!

DigitalHorror813113d ago

I don't have a problem with you keeping games like Grand Theft Auto out of the hands of minors, but don't you DARE take them away from guys like me who are damn near 30 and well within my rights to play. If you're planning on being like that scumbag Lieberman, you've got a whole army of gamers to deal with.

That is all.

Anorexorcist3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

"They are afraid that I shall return, and I shall, full bore, stronger than ever,"

That sounds like something Hitler said right before the cyanide pill took it's effect.

"...I love it"

That portion of his statement has cemented his status as a sanctimonious douche, in my opinion.

I'm curious, does anyone know his religion affiliation? I don't mean to start a whole argument on that, I'm just curious.

-Alpha3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I am about 90% sure he is a Christian.

Yeah, he's a Presbyterian:

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