Massive Lazygamer Preview: Super Street Fighter IV (Plus Advanced Info)

Direct from Lazygamer
"Hello, my name is Nick de Bruyne and I am an addict.

I play way too much Street Fighter IV. How much is way too much? Well, I've clocked over 700 hours in Street Fighter IV since its release last year. That means that in the past year, I spent a solid month playing Street Fighter instead of doing other things, like climbing trees, or breathing.

No doubt then, that when I received a preview copy of Super Street Fighter IV a while back, I felt somewhat qualified to do the write-up. I also felt a lot of excitement. It's been a while since it first arrived, and I am still excited.

Since Street Fighter players are split into casual and hardcore competitive gamers, I will give the basic information of the game, and then go into more detail for those who know what the heck I am talking about."

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