The Cast of Gears of War: The Movie

GamerZines: So the movie based on Microsoft's second biggest franchise is running into difficulties, with the director leaving and the budget "significantly scaled back."

Frankly we're disappointed but not surprised, however there's one massive factor yet to be revealed, the cast. As a result we thought we'd throw in our two cents and put together a fantasy list for the big screen adaptation of the original Gears of War.

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ATLGAMER3983d ago

Gears of War is Epics game...

ViciousBoston3982d ago

Thank you. No sarcasm. Thank you for pointing out the obvious to these tools.

JonnyBadfinger3981d ago

If i was them i would stick with CGI and original voice cast from the game.

Seriously John Dimaggio owns Fenix its as much apart of him as Bender is.

hakeem09963981d ago

Marcus fenix and Solid Snake should be played by Adam Baldwin

RBlaze3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Gerard Butler - Fenix
Christian Bale - Dom
Terry Tate - Cole (As suggested)
Sean William Scott - Baird

Not sure on the extras tbh! But this has to be the best cast for the main 4. Let's be honest.. Marcus and Dom are built like Rhinos... So are Butler and Bale. Cole is built like the Arnie of the Rhino world... and so is Tate!! And Baird plays that classic role of being the chheky one so well!

MSpence5163981d ago

I'm gonna have to agree with MorganFell on Marcus and Cole.

Mr Tretton3981d ago


"Christian Bale - Dom"

What the hell are you smoking?

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Knightofelemia3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

This is just an idea but what about making the movie CG and use the voice cast from the game to voice the characters in the movie. I think the movie would look great as a CG Square proved that with Final Fantasy Advent Children a live action movie would be stupid.

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ScubaSteve13982d ago

so hollywood wants to destroy another video game by making it into a crappy movie. way to go by running out of ideas

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The story is too old to be commented.