Top 5 worst series reinventions

If there's one thing you can count on from a successful game series, it's that it will eventually start to go stale. At this point game companies have a choice: keep churning out the same thing every couple of year 'til sales dwindle so badly that there's no point carrying on, or re-invent the series, taking it in a bold new direction. Sometimes this second option breathes new life into a series, perhaps even taking it to even greater heights of success than ever. But there is a big risk of royally screwing it up and making long-time fans feel betrayed and heartbroken. Here are five such 'traitors', named and shamed by Play.

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Wizziokid3115d ago

The Last decent Sonic game was Sonic Adventure (Which I personally loved) I would love to see it hit XBLA or PSN (which it is rumoured to do)

NateNater3115d ago

Burnout Paradise- great game and great dev support after its release. No split screen really killed it for me though.

Tony Hawk Ride- Could have been much better if they actually made the board work properly.

Sonic- Please stop killing sonic. I had high hopes for Sonic 4 until I saw the video where Sonic is in a mine cart. I'll probably still try the game out because its sonic but I have lowered my hopes for this one....again. See video comment to view Sonic's mine cart level.

ian723115d ago

I think Burnout Paradise is a great game with loads of hours playtime in single and multi-player. It also had some great DLC. I wouldn't say it was a bad re-invention of the series.
Don't know about the other games though, haven't played them.