Free Splinter Cell Conviction content incoming

With the game releasing on the 13th in North America, it seems Ubisoft will be offering some free content post launch. Good times for everyone then.

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LTC3204d ago

considering its only a 4 and a half hour game.

People need there monies worth

BeaArthur3204d ago

It's only if you do single player only. If you do co-op there are a lot more hours of gameplay.

Syronicus3204d ago

This is good news. Does this mean there is hope we will get another two or three hours of gameplay?

Inside_out3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

WoW...M$ just keeps them coming...Can't wait for tomorrow...Why does so many PS3 fans know so much about Splinter Cell...Hmmmm....LMFAO...AND yes, free content has everything to do with faulty USB...Companys/developers that make a mistake usually make up for know like Free on line and DLC for games nobody wants....moving on...

bnaked3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

free content: 1 Ezio costume

Solidus187-SCMilk3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

its 5+ for SP and ALot of extra modes that can even be played multiplayer. Im sure this game will give me more play hours than GOw3 did, and I got the platinum trophy in that too.

I always love free content, like bioware did with ME2.

raztad3204d ago


SC is essentially about the SP campaign, always have been. 5 hours is a fail, I hope playing in higher difficulty modes give you at lest 2 more hours. GoW3 in Titan is at least a solid 14 hours, not counting the challenge rooms.

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Adexus3204d ago

It's actually just the concept art, renders etc that was supposed to be on the USB stick in the Collectors Edition but most of those don't work so they're putting them up online.

ShadesMoolah3204d ago

I believe this has nothing to do with the USB stick stuff.

Adexus3204d ago

Did you read the article I posted?

"Anyone who does miss out will be given a way to access the USB key content via the internet following the game's launch."

Most of the USB sticks are defective so it would be a sham if the users didn't get the content on there one or another even if the USB stick doesn't work, at least they will get the content on there.

I also found another article yesterday saying the USB content will be going up on April 15th but I can't seem to find that one at the moment, so I am sure this free content is just what will be on the USB drive, maybe a little more but who knows.

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BeaArthur3204d ago

I'm always a fan of free.

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