Critical Gamer: Raskulls – PAX East Hands-On

Critical Gamer writes: Sandwiched between Crackdown 2 and a circus of high-profile XBLA titles, Raskulls was a diamond in the rough at PAX East. I blame the game's nonexistent line on poor positioning because it was actually pretty cool.

Raskulls is Mr. Driller meets Mario Kart, with four players digging their way through a colorful environment in an attempt to cross the finish line first. Each track is designed with a mix of blocks to dig through, weapons to collect, and "frenzy jars" that add some juice to your boosting ability. Halfbrick's goal, it seems, is to create the atmosphere of a hectic kart racer in a 2D platformer. What's so clever about this is that Raskulls is designed with natural rubber-banding – players who lag behind can opt to follow their opponent's pre-dug paths and catch up. At the same time, the selection of weapons allow smart players to trap their opponents before they can take the lead.

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scruffy_bear3111d ago

Raskulls characters look awesome, really looking forward to trying Raskulls

IDesertFoxI3111d ago

Looks like this will be a pretty awesome multiplayer game. It sounds a bit mental and full of opportunities to grief your mates to hell and back to win. Probably gonna result in a few dead arms from cheap victories.

scruffy_bear3111d ago

Raskulls and a few beers sounds like awesome nite

Pidgeridoo3111d ago

Looks like so much fun :)

Cubes3111d ago

I really like the look of this, it sounds like a blast. If it's as good as something like Bomberman, then count me in.

scruffy_bear3111d ago

I keep thinking of Bombman everytime I look at Raskull

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