IncGamers: Cryptic's Bill Roper and Jack Emmert Interview

Cryptic's new CCO and COO, Bill Roper and Jack Emmert sit down with IncGamers to discuss their new positions in the company and talk about its future, its games and how they can improve things.

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Maticus3114d ago

They do seem genuinely keen to get things turned around. I reckon these two are alright.

AndyA3114d ago

Nice guys, sure, but, will they be able to turn it around? I'm not sure.

Malfurion3114d ago

Of course they can, Bill is ex-Blizzard :P

Fyzzu3114d ago

Despite the recent track record, I still have faith that Cryptic really can do something fantastic. I think they just need time.

Leord3114d ago

Bill Roper is cool.

I really liked HGL beta, too bad what happened...