God of War 3 was 'bigger at alpha stage'

God of War 3 was actually bigger during the alpha stages of production, director Stig Asmussen has revealed.

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ape0073204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

DVD 9 is the reason, lol gotta love fanboys

I sworn if that game was a multiplatform game, you'll hear many

"damn you ms" and "M$" "microsoft ruined this gen" "ps3 games gimped, 360 is the reason"

It really sounds like a DLC

FangBlade3204d ago

Dude, the game weights fvcking 35gb, how big do you want it to be?

ape0073204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I bought the game, It's amazing hands down, i don't have anything against it, in fact im not even a diehard gow fan but it's really irritating to have all these cluster fanboy comments filling out each story

it makes me sick

there is no such thing called "discussion" in this site

just flaming, twisting, ignoring facts, act like D!cks etc....

logichurtsfanboys3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

And your comment up above is any better? Hypocritical much?

Edit: You can't really deny the fact that DVD9 has held back multiple games this generation. Lost Planet 2(content was cut), Grand Theft Auto IV(Rockstar said they were having space issues) and Final Fantasy XIII(Sqaure-Enix won't say anything but everyone knows that it was).

Cold 20003204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )


bjornbear3204d ago

i agree with you, and i sympathize with the whole fanboys from all sides spamming the hell out of the pages with silly comments

but Fangblade does have a point...the game is already 35Gb =/ i'm sure the cut's were completely attributed to lack of time/design changes, etc.

even the worst fanboy couldn't prove otherwise

Microsoft Xbox 3603204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

"it makes me sick"

LOL @ you taking this fanboy garbage to heart

catguykyou3204d ago

lol. Love the comments from these discussions. As I've said in so many other articles, content gets cut all the time from games to make it better. Stuff that didn't have time to be polished, didn't feel right, didn't work. Nothing new.

rockleex3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

While playing a 10+ hour game?

With RPGs, its understandable because they're long and have a LOT of content.

God Of War 3 isn't nearly as long as FFXIII, yet it takes up SO MUCH more space. At the same time, it looks SO MUCH better.

This means the only way we can get an RPG that looks as good as God of War 3, is if they utilize Bluray.

I'm sure you guys don't mind playing sub-HD games, or 720p games with sub-HD textures, etc. But the rest of us expect more from our games that are made for our HD consoles.

So far, no games on any console has been able to compete against Sony's first party games graphically.

PotNoodle3204d ago

ape007 is one of the biggest fanboys on this site, its funny - because he is always trying to make himself look like he isn't by rabidly explaining his remarks, getting all defensive and such.

But really, why did you have to start out this topic like that?

raztad3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I remember the "old" ape007. Such a nice gamer, first comment was not a good one.

To read those articles makes me really sad. There was some content cut out of GoW3: at least another battle on top of Gaia, another boss fight involving the use of Helios head and more puzzles. It was all about deadlines. They had to cut in order to keep on schedule. I understand though, if you watch "Making of GoW3" they say it takes a lot longer/much more effort to create high res assets.

Kratos Spartan3204d ago

why is he saying DVD9 is the reason? When this is Blu-Ray? My brain hurts.

maxcer3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

@1.8 "God Of War 3 isn't nearly as long as FFXIII, yet it takes up SO MUCH more space"

FFXIII took up nearly 37GB of space on a bluray disc...a difference of 2 GB

did you even bother to inform yourself?

kratos1233204d ago

just shut up if you dont have anything good to say becuase your acting like the raging fanboy at this moment. sometimes its better if parents kept there 12 year old kid away from the internet before you know it they become internet heroes

3204d ago
logichurtsfanboys3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Face what? If it wasn't for your comment at the top there could have possibly been a civil conversation about what this could all mean for the future of God of War III. But noooo you had to go and make a retarded fanboy comment like that. You say you're tired of fanboys and their comments, so how about you do something about it and stop making fanboyish comments yourself? Best way to stop fanboy's is to ignore them. That is of course if you're really tired of them.

ape0073204d ago

look man on this site heheh, many said that im sony fanboy, ms fanboy etc....

so I'll add that in my book lol

nycredude3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )


Seriously you know how N4g is and you still come here, and instead of contributing and helping you proceed to do the same thing and act like the same douches that you complain about. If you hate it so much then GTFO! Easy problem to solve imo. Otherwise just try to contribute to the conversation and stop sounding like a whiner. It's just as annoying.

On topic: I heard that they had to cut back on the ending cause of time contraints. Which sucks. I hope they can finish it and release it as a dlc.

kratos1233204d ago

like i said stop making retarted comments and go away as simple as that
anyhow guys i already suspected that they cut out a lot of stuf becuase if you compare the VGA trailer from a few years back you saw kratos breaking a chain jumping on cyclops world getting smashed and when i played the game that seqeuns wasnt in there at all also kratos was running on walls an attacking centours so i new from the beginning but every god of war losses content if you watch the making of god of war 1,2 and coo they always have to cur something out so no surprise here im also waiting whats the next god of war announcment will be i cant wait

raztad3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )


True that. I played the entire game waiting for that "section". Sometimes I feel the game was butchered. I also was expecting to see the titan in my avatar to play a more "titanic" role (pun intended) not just as a backdrop NPC.

Time constrains as nyrcdude said, was the limiting factor. If it wasnt because game is so awesome, I wouldnt care but it's GoW3 we are talking about here.

kratos1233203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

i think we understand each other god of war 3 is just too good to talk smack about, did 17 hours to do finish it was every second was great

sikbeta3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

lol @ ape007

Why Bring DVD into this article, just to complain about fanboys, even if the Game use 37/38GB of Space on a BLU-RAY DISC

37GB / 8.5GB (DVD9) = 4 and 1/3 Discs or 4 Discs and The Final Part in DLC

Your points is? Let me guess, even if a Sony First Party Studio cut Stuff from a Game still Deliver More than a Third Party Developer... oh, we all know that...

WildArmed3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

lmfao ape.
Good one.

But yeah. We heard it all when FF13 came out..
Same with lost planet.

But it's usually because the scenes weren't up to the quality of the overall game..
or because they plan on giving us DLC from the beginning.

Either way, i honestly can't think of any way to make GoW3 any more epic than it already is.

N4BmpS3203d ago

Aww my soul hurts because of that I heard Stig say they cut content before but never knew specifically what it was maybe we'll see it in GoW4? If there is a good God of War game without Kratos.

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sinncross3204d ago

So, should we expect DLC of this cut content?
Cause that Argus fight sounds very cool!

jesuisankit3204d ago

agreed, it will be so cool to have all that as a DLC and also the proper ending to GOW3.. Stig said they didnt revealed the full end for the game.

Sonyslave33204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

But BlueRay disk have 50GB why God Of War 3 only use 35GB.

Sound like DLC to me

avengers19783204d ago

just like every game that comes out now. Could they make them bigger yes, can they sell them as is, and then sell more DLC yes they can.
Dragon Age Origins any one, DLC was almost as expensive as a new game.

robotnik3204d ago

sounds like you need to copy other bots messages from other sites to come up with something, you trollbot

The_Beast3203d ago

didnt they say they wont have dlc u retarded bot

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