Rumour: Zone of the Enders 3 Incoming?

Hideo Kojima has started musing about his next title after Peacewalker, and the anime-mech-loving geek inside us has read hints that it could be none other than Zone of the Enders 3.

Kojima made several tweets over the weekend regarding work on his "next title", but as far as clues go there was really only one:

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The Wood3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

id like to see what HK could do to this series with the power of the ps3.

I kinda preferred the 1st one over the second...i need to finish it

Commander TK3200d ago

Had the 1 with the MGS2 demo. Thought it was a piece of s***.

Noctis Aftermath3200d ago

I hope he gives it online features, being able to fight with or against other people with these mecha would be insane.

Ps_alm3k3200d ago

most of his games involve mechs though...

Redempteur3200d ago

exactly .. as far as i know there are mecha in both mgs AND zoe ...

but i will love it if that were zoe3

SolidMGSnake3200d ago

Lol! I 2nd this. Give us Jehuty

ThanatosDMC3200d ago

Just gimp Jehuty. I dont want to use Naked Jehuty in it's perfect form since it's too powerful. Too strong means no challenge. Also take out Zero Shift.

Bathyj3200d ago

Now this is a Playstation series that deserves to stay on Playstation.

Make it happen Hideo.

Cold 20003200d ago

Just give it to us already Kojima!

raztad3200d ago

Do you really think Kojima would make ZoE3 a multiplat game? or by us you mean PS3 owners?

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The story is too old to be commented.