Splinter Cell Conviction 5 hour claims are Bull****

There's a lot more than 5 hours worth of entertainment in Ubisoft's Splinter Cell Conviction: "What's wrong with gamers today? If a game is too long a vast number of gamers simply don't finish it, although hardcore gamers (the very small minority in the grand scheme of things) will undoubtedly finish every game they play. If it's too short, then the same hardcore gamers moan and complain like there is no tomorrow. In some instances, dropping $60 or £40 on a game which seemingly can be beaten in an afternoon might be considered poor value for money, and if a game is only playable once then sure we'd have to agree. However, it seems since IGN posted their review of Ubisoft's Splinter Cell Conviction on Friday, the hardcore masses are in uproar. It's perhaps easy for them to ignore the fact that many casual gamers do not have the time to pump hours upon hours into a game, and this is possibly why game lengths have become shorter in general compared to times past. It's a known fact as already mentioned that many casuals (more than you would think) don't finish games.

Differences between casual and hardcore gamers aside, it appears the comments from the IGN review have been blown all out of proportion, and as the hardcore fraternity are the most vocal with the moaning, they are seemingly forgetting that Splinter Cell Conviction doesn't end once the credits roll for the story mode."

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Tompkins3204d ago

I played the 10 minute demo like 40 times because of the replay value. The full game is going to be even better. These 5 hour claims have been taken the wrong way (as usual yawn!).

Jamie Foxx3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

The author of the article also talks about the 'add-ons' which as nice as they maybe still doesn't detract that you may finish the single player in five hours.

I'm an old skool gamer...I'm single player foremost as that's what gamings all about,multiplayer whilst in games can be amazing I also feel it let's lazy developers make short player games thus using the argument 'well it has multiplayer'

I havnt played sc:c so cannot comment on the length,but it seems it has a lot of content,and heavenly sword was short but one of the most fun games I've played,so if you love the splinter cell series and don't hate the changes too much jump in and have fun I think the game looks kool.

97gsx3204d ago

Too much hypocrisy in the gaming world nowadays. The length doesnt mean the game is crap but it should be considered in the reviews since people will be spending $60 and up for it. I enjoyed the hell out of shadow complex but I wouldn't pay $60 for it.

LukaX233204d ago

just... LOL.... how low can you be to make up these sort of rumors? I'm all for Conviction. The game is awesome, Splinter Cell is awesome.

Cold 20003204d ago

I'll be getting Convivtion day one...but one has to wonder what the heck have Ubi been doing for the last 4 years or so with this game.

I know it was scrapped and stuff but come on...whats up with the average graphics and the 5-7h campaign ?

Luckily it has multiplayer unlike some other 7-8h single player games with no multi. Otherwise it would have been a no buy.

sid4gamerfreak3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

"Splinter Cell Conviction 5 hour claims are Bull****"

HA, i knew it!! Love it when the ps3 fanboys get dissed by these articles...

Anyway, im not gonna buy the game cause of all that drm nonsense, im not gonna give a cent to ubisoft ever again...

Edit: I LOL at the disagrees.

caladbolg7773204d ago

If you pay full price for this pile, you're a goddamn retard.

Hellsvacancy3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Like ive said b-4, if SC:C cums 2 the PS3 (which it will) ill rent it, complete it and send it back, and thats y i shall rent it, soon as ive beat the game itll end up sittin there on the shelf collectin dust, Alan Wake (which has NO multiplayer) falls in-2 that catagory aswell (and so does God Of War 3 but i bought that coz of the epicness) but say with Red Dead 2 its gonna b the total opposite, its gonna hav a lengthy (and great appealin) story, kick ass multiplayer, more then likely hav co-op, tons of replay value and its gonna cost the same price as SC:C/Alan Wake

I know wot id rather (and will) b playin

HolyOrangeCows3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

So you add co-op to a game that already has dimwit AI that would only take one monkey to overcome and suddenly it doesn't have a short campaign?

I suppose if you spend a lot of time fighting over who gets to hit the execute button in this room, it may take longer.

Christopher3204d ago

While I don't think 5 hours is bad for a good game, I think the writer's attempts to use 'replay' of the content as a reason why it's not so bad is way off. All games have the ability for replay and the 'replayability' of content is highly subjective. Perhaps some enjoy replaying it on a higher difficulty, while others don't see the point.

Be happy with your game, ignore the people who want to just find any reason to criticize the game, and move on.

BrutallyBlunt3204d ago

Some games like MAG can be viewed as having terrible value but I've put in over 50 hours of playtime in that thing. How many can say that about most games? I also put in almost 40 hours into Mass Effect 2 and it has no online play. It does have DLC but those 40 hours are not even including that. Plus I want to play it over again because there are so many ways of playing that game.

So right there are two big examples of value. One has a lot of length to the single player experience while the other has none at all. Splinter Cell: Conviction sounds to be right in the middle. So if you don't want to go online then maybe it doesn't have great value for you. Same can be said about Halo: ODST. However with this game you can also play Deniable Ops offline which adds more value.

It's sad that kids these days just read something and run with it. A review comes out and says the single player game is only 5 hours and they go running on the forums and shout, "Hey, that new Splinter Cell is only 5 hours long!" Or they read a review and it only gets a 7/10 and they never even bother reading the actual review and flog the forums saying the game is only a 7.

Bigpappy3204d ago

But SC:C has more than 1 game mode. I am sure I will get more than 20 hrs out of it with out replaying the story. I also expect to die a few time in the story as I will be playing the realistic setting and taking a lot of risk. SC is not and action game for me, it is a play ground. If it can be completed in 5 hours, it will take me 12-15 for the campaign. The co-op and spy vs spy online could be and extra month or more of play for me, depending on how engaging it is. I am a SC fan so. They got me.

Inside_out3204d ago

M$ delivers again...This game gonna be an instant article...this man KNOWS what he is talking about...every gamer should have a chance to play a game like this...incredible...Surprising how many PS3 guys know so much about a 360 exclusive...I guess they'll play it on there 1000$ PC....

StanLee3204d ago

The complaints aren't valid but when every PS3 exclusive is bemoaned for being too short or not offering enough content you can see how the PSTrihards would look for any opportunity to criticize Splinter Cell Conviction's single play campaign length, not noting or forgetting completely that the reviewer had played said campaign 3 times.

IdleLeeSiuLung3204d ago

This game has received stellar scores from 3 publications, it's only con is the length which is in many ways mitigated because of the co-op mode that also has multiplayer.

That means, it could be anywhere from 5, 10 or way more hours of quality gaming. However, if you are going to let the length from stopping you from enjoying this game then too bad for you.

I think then you should go play some other repetitive, long and boring game. I'm sure it will feel like it lasted many many many many... hours!!!

2Spock3204d ago

While i would agree 5 hours is way short for single player but i also take co-op and multiplayer into consideration, which does help ease some of the short length. That's why i am glad i did not buy Heavy Rain due to only a short single player experience with only a decent amount of replay value in the later half of the game. So i think this SC might be just a rent considering i will only play single and co-op.

vhero3204d ago

an xbox fansite saying its gonna be more than 5 hours?? Yeah it must be true.. Lets move on..

ProjectVulcan3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

IGN never said it was 5 hours entertainment. They said the single player was about 5 hours long. This it seems, is TRUE. Whichever way you spin it and turn it and defend it as replay this and online that, thats still short for a game that has built up its reputation from single player. Period.

Course that doesnt make it a bad game or even bad value. Personally though its not good enough for a game that has spent 4 years in development so i will be picking it up cheap maybe secondhand rather than paying up full whack straight into ubi's pockets

The Time Reaper3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Stan - "not noting or forgetting completely that the reviewer had played said campaign 3 times."

I'm all for quality over quantity, and SCC looks to have as solid package which I'll certainly buy... but I don't get your statement here? I mean, I've replayed Super Metroid at least 20 times, but it doesn't make it a 50 hour game, does it? It makes it 50 hours worth of entertainment, but those are different things.

I just think if reviewers are going to be "bemoan" anything like length/replayability as the fanboys do, they should at least be consistent with it. If we add replays by the reviewer into said review for one game, should we not do it for all games on every platform? That easily can turn God of War 3 into a 40 hour game, or Gears of War 2 into a 90 hour game. Slippery slope, IMHO.

Consoldtobots3204d ago

let me translate what "Stan Lee" just said..

"LMAO @ 360 fanbrats getting a taste of their own medicine"

there fixed.

DelbertGrady3204d ago

Has anyone here played it, and if so can you verify its length? How many reviewers claimed it was 5 hours long?

4Sh0w3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

If the single player is 5hrs then that's a shame because despite replay value and multiplayer I believe that a dev's basic thought process should start with first and foremost on delivering a quality SP campaign that will last quite a few hrs, 5-7hrs imo is waaay too short.

If this game were single player only I would definitely make it a rental, but fortunately with the co-op modes I will no doubt get my money's worth because I know I'll likely play those missions quite a few times with multiple friends. I also think that any game with a multiplayer usually will deliver plenty of hrs to make a game worth $60, but with that said developers still need to remember the basic principle of delivering enough content in the SP campaign that will satisfy SP only type gamers, YES although rare these days they still do exist.

Montrealien3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

not trying to sugar coat this short single player campaign, but this is an industry norm latetly, all my favorite games last year are all sub 15hr single player games, this is a new low.

yeah, more at 11.

I am ejoying splinter cell conviction up until now, I am about 2 hours in and its great however I am also very dissapointed if it is infact just a 5 hour single player campaign. Like GoW3, this game is fun as hell, to bad they are short.

Alvadr3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Its all about the single player for me. I couldnt really care about co-op/multiplayer.

I would rather sit through a 60+hour RPG than play endless multiplayer matches.

I would expect 12 hours of story based single player gameplay out of a game like this.

otherZinc3204d ago

PS3 owners are mad they're not getting a game thats not linear & repetitive like Uncharted 2. For the stupid, that means ONE WAY to play the campaign!

Splinter Cell:Conviction has several ways to complete the game. This 5hour crap is fanboyism anger & foolish, period!

sikbeta3204d ago


Same way x360 owners were "complaining" about God of War 3 length, right?

[Both Ways]

ThanatosDMC3204d ago

Now the question is, how much of that 5hours is cinematics, verbal story, etc. that retracts away from actual gameplay?

MGS4 is 5hours during a speed run when the person knows exactly where and when an enemy is going to be while skipping the all those verbal stories and cinematics.

I'm surprise those people that whined and complained about MGS4's so-called 5hr gameplay is adamantly defending this multiplat. Also, MGS4 had multiplayer and a lot of replay value due to guns and unlockables how come that wasnt brought up?

N4Flamers3203d ago

the author claims that this game is shorter because of casual gamers and their lifestyle. The blaring mistake he made is that SC.C is not a casual game.

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xaviertooth3204d ago

my intelligent guess is the DVD capacity has something to do with that.

ElementX3204d ago

My intelligent guess is that you have 1 bubble for a reason

clarkjudo3204d ago

"So to conclude, that for your $60 a five hour experience is simply not good enough, yet what gamers need to look at is the entire package, and remember that there's far more than 5 hours worth of entertainment with this game." Posted by: Robert Cram/ MSXBOX WORLD.COM

Some people need to learn how to read. And give intelligent information or go back to playing their one time play through "movies" on their PS3 Blu Ray Player.

xaviertooth3204d ago

bots cannot even count correctly.

i have 2 bubbles see i was able to post another comment. please bots, go back to elementary math.

ElementX3204d ago

When I commented you only had 1 bubble, then everyone who disagreed with me bubbled you up, now you have 2. I'm not a bot, I don't own a 360, I have a PS3. Your bot "insult" is unfounded.

kevinx10003204d ago

"my intelligent guess"

YOUR 'intelligent' guess... that really means a lot to us...

i'd like you to meet gears 3 in a few hours :)

Greywulf3204d ago

Do not pass go

Your flop ass game is 5 hours on a normal play through.

fullmetal2973203d ago

"my intelligent guess...". Oh god the irony xDDDD

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Omega43204d ago

The game has multiplayer AND co-op so playtime is limitless, unlike some games which last 7 hours and have no multiplayer.

Plus IGN said its really replayable too.

Lucreto3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

The 5 hours are upsetting the people who play games for the single player and don't have live. I for one prefer the single player experience and should be the main focus of the game. I don't care for deathmatch or co-op so this game is looking like a budget price if I wasn't getting it for free.

I usually get bored of multiplayer very quickly and it get really repetitive after a few hours. Hey thats just me.

The reviewing system should be changed as well. The single player and the multiplayer should be scored individually. So single player people will know they will get the bang for their buck and the muliplayer people would be able to see it is it just tacked on and shallow or a rewarding experience.
It will also make the developers to work harder on both aspects.

My example I game will a 15-20 single player would get 8/10 and the multiplayer aspect gets 6/10 for lets say poor implementation. that wold be 14/20 or 7/10. If it is just an single player game there will be no marks taken away for not having multiplayer.

kancerkid3204d ago



There are modes besides just the story which can all be played SOLO adding at least a dozen hours if not more to the game. Some of these can also be played in multiplayer, but that is not the point.

Almost everything on the disc (far more than just the story) is singleplayer, adding hours and hours to the 5 hour story

2Spock3204d ago

I am not knocking your opinion or how you like to play games but....You say multiplayer and co-op is boring and repetitive, but you really only like single player. If that's not calling the kettle black i don't know what is. So you can play single player over and over and it stays fresh? Most of my hours gaming have come from multiplayer, i have put 40 hours into BBC2 mutli. There is no way i could put that replaying the single player over and over. Don't get me wrong nothing like a great single player experience but a great multiplayer goes a long ways in fun and replayability.

Lucreto3204d ago

I know it seems odd but that how it seems to work for me.

I played FF XIII for 80 hour and enjoy it but I can't play multiplayer at all. I played Uncharted 2 for 3 hours max and the same as Resistance with 4 hours. I played Bioshock 2 for 20 hours online to level 40 I was bored by level 25 and was just grinding through it from there.

@ kancerkid - They can be played offline but designed be be online. So more than likely it will be hard on single player.

nycredude3204d ago

MS got a great scheme here and everyone who pays is falling for it. Make short as& single player games with lots oaf mp and coop stuff so you have to pay for Live. Simple as that. Case close. WTF has Ubisoft been doing all this time. I was hyped for this but I don't pay for Live so now this games is a pass. With games like Uncharted 2 out this game seems like a rip off!

12 hour campaign
Free online

5 hour campaign
Pay for live

corneliuscrust3204d ago

If you dont feel you got your money's worth. Completely personal experience.

I love how everyone here has already beaten the campaign so they can come in and let us all know how worth it or not the game is...

n4g: sinking to new lows each and every day

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