ESRB summarizes Crackdown 2's Mature rating

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released a rating summary for Crackdown 2 on the Xbox 360.

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mjolliffe3206d ago

Looking forward to it :) Not my most anticipated, but I'll definitely get it sooner or later after release...

sukru3206d ago

I might be a little bit too enthusiastic, but look at these:

... grenades, and shooting at them, leaving behind piles of bloody bodies that sometimes burst apart or catch on fire. ... jumps into spinning helicopter blades to stop the aircraft; his severed arm is flung across the screen along with other bloody chunks ...

xaviertooth3206d ago

another flop subpar mediocre last-generation game incoming only on xbox 360 where it only does last gen experience.

IRetrouk3206d ago

did anyone else notice the spray painted fence that said glory to the cell? crackdown devs must be ps3 lovers lol

IRetrouk3206d ago

lol the paint spray on the fence says glory to the cell, ps3 reference? lol

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