AppSpy writes: "ESPGALUDA II by Cave is the real deal when it comes to 'bullet hell' shooters and despite being five years in the making for this adaption, nothing is lost from the 2005 Arcade original. This is the sort of game that makes regular shooters look like a stroll in the park and despite its fierce looks, this is a game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all levels."

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Manac0R3110d ago

Anyone know when this will available on uk app store. Thanks

Manac0R3110d ago

Yep this has been removed from uk app store at the moment this could be related to the fact this version currently only works on iPhone and has issues on other sets. Shame wanted a nice shootem for the touch.

Dr_Spoffo3109d ago

It hasn't been removed from the UK App Store. It's still in there and always has been. It works fine on the 3rd-gen Touches with a small easy fix, NOT requiring a jailbroken device.