GameFocus - DLC Talk: Mass Effect 2 - Kasumi's Stolen Memory

GameFocus writes: "While it is neither the first gameplay DLC nor the first paid DLC, Kasumi's Stolen Memory is the first paid gameplay DLC Bioware has released for the smash hit Mass Effect 2. Once downloaded, you will receive a new message at your private terminal aboard the Normandy from the Illusive Man. At great cost and effort, Cerberus has tracked down the Galaxy's most renowned thief, Kasumi Goto. She has agreed to assist you in your mission, in exchange for help with a problem of her own. You will have to head to the citadel to find her but do yourself a favour, when you find her advertisement don't activate it immediately. Listen to what she has to say. This will give you an excellent introduction and explain what kind of a character Kasumi is."

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