Palm goes up for sale

Palm Inc., is in the market for a new owner, as sales of the Pixi and Pre devices have not been enough to keep the foundering company afloat.

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kissmeimgreek3112d ago

i dont see why MS isnt thinking about buying them. I dont WANT MS to buy Palm, i would just think that MS would want some extra patents and maybe take some features from WebOS to put in WP7. Just saying...

jden283112d ago

Yep I think you're right Microsoft should buy them if for no other reason then just getting ahold of all those touch interface patents that pre-date the I-craze that we all know apple is infringing on which is why apple made a big huff about palm but never pulled the trigger. It would have been thier own goose that they cooked in a patent fight...and MS could definetly use these patents for there upcoming Win7 and beyond phones.

duplissi3111d ago

damn, that sucks. my last phone was a palm pre, and aside from some hardware issues the phone was phenomenal (until i stepped on it...) webos is awesome- it was the most intuitive portable os ive ever used more intuitive and customizable then iphone os and more intuitive then android, i hope that whoever buys them keeps webos and palm phones on the market and doesnt just strip the patents out of them.

what makes this even more sad is that palm started the do everything phone/pda trends we all benefit from today.

LordMarius3112d ago

I did all that I could Palm, love the Pre, love webOS. RIP :(
HTC please buy them and make some wonderful babies with the webOS

Mc Fadge3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Friend of mine made a draft video showing off the Pam Pre's features:

Much better than the ads they use

Corrwin3112d ago

The Palm Treo was one of the finest handsets around and had a lot of features that are common-place 3 years before phone manufacturers included them.

I have a refurbishment kit for my 680 standing by to get another 4 years out of mine ;)