Modern Warfare 2 on Family Guy

Robert Bowling (aka @fourtwozero) made a cameo on this evening's episode of Family Guy while Peter's team weren't entirely happy with his n00bish behavior – "Is this a crouch button?" On a side note, did anyone manage to catch Quagmire's Gamertag?

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Myst3201d ago

Quagmire: "You suck!"

Lol I don't know why, but I laughed when I heard that.

HolyOrangeCows3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

LOL, I loved that part, I didn't see it coming.
I only caught the second half of the episode; were there any other Quagmire jokes? Because I was wondering....what does Quagmire do when the end of the world is coming? He's already slept with everyone and contracted every disease, so what would be exciting enough to be the last thing he would ever do?

And unlike the Simpsons episode with the Wii reference, this episode is funny (Not a hit at The Simpsons, just that one episode).

Needs more pedobear references, right?
I'd love to see something where you randomly see Pedobear and Herbert duking it out in the background.

Lifendz3201d ago

funny product placement. I was thinking Peter should've said something like "don't get too excited kids because it'll be broken in a week or two."


presto7173201d ago

Still prefer American Dad though...

ProA0073201d ago

are there any shows that even use the playstation anymore? More specifically the PS3? It's always xbox after xbox and the occasional Wii. Sheesh

Really shows how times have changed this gen. Last gen it was PS2s on every show and Gameboy SPs

CellularDivision3201d ago

Xbox gets to be on more shows because it is far more popular than the PS3. Its common sense, really.

Obama3200d ago

CellularDivision you always feel the need to troll in the gamer zone. Why don't you stay in the open zone like the rest of us?

Masta_fro3200d ago

its more of a promote american products thing than a popularity thing.

btw, if you think xbox is more popular than playstation you're either delusional, too young, or you need to get out (of the US) more.

silvacrest3200d ago

as usual, if you are only using the US to measure popularity then you have failed

HolyOrangeCows3200d ago

We've already proved that your PSN tag is BS, you troll.

bjornbear3200d ago

wow you are smart.

let me explain something to you child:

360 is popular in U.S.A. because of product placement, not the other way around

they didn't put a 360 because its popular

the 360 is popular, because they do product placement everywhere in U.S.A. because MS pays for it

its about how much cash MS is willing to shower onto these shows

or are you going to say Apple computers are more popular than normal PC's, because they definitely appear in more shows (advertised as such)

but once again, what ever keeps you from breaking down and crying

NateNater3200d ago

and anyone else who is interested, you can watch the full episode on Hulu right now. It's a pretty good episode. Here's the link

topdawg1223200d ago

Family Guy is terribly mediocre now, their style of jokes are so old now. Shows like South Park and Community are much better comedy.
Good idea for product placement on Activision's part.

-Alpha3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Actually, no, the 360 has sold more, its more recognized, and its more actively played than the PS3. That is a fact, and that is why the media uses the 360 more.

A US TV Show uses a popular US gaming device. It's as simple as that.

Last gen the PS2 did the same. Why is there always a conspiracy to this? Family Guy is known to use popular trends in their TV shows. People are so reluctant to admit that the US is synonymous with Wii and Xbox this generation. It's not rocket science.

bjornbear3200d ago

its no conspiracy, its marketing

its called product placement

apple did it so that almost every laptop in a big block buster movie / series is an apple with the apple logo

MS did it so that every "console" on shows and series would be an 360, and in most it is

its a double deal, buts its no conspiracy, its just the way things work

-Alpha3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I suppose you have proof that MS did this with the Family Guy episode?

I'm not denying that it doesn't happen, but it's just as viable that because the 360 has such a strong presence in the States that it gets used in shows.

Family Guy makes numerous cultural references but surely not every cultural reference is there because it was paid to be there.

lovestospoodge3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I think there's a balance, european shows + robot chicken advertise the ps3. dunno how the hell fanboyism got into the discussion when it's about mw2, but then again, this is n4g

fourzerotwo's only rank 11? damn

TheBand1t3200d ago

King of the Hill > Family Guy.

True story.

Pedobear Rocks3200d ago

There is ZERO chance that a popular show like FG plugs someone's product in a positive light without getting paid to do so.

Why would you think it wasn't a collaberation when RB was on there and IW is in the credits?

Rush3200d ago

Seriously the comments here are ridiculous, Instead of just laughing at the joke all am reading are comments from tards saying.

"Why ain't a ps3 used instead of an xbox"

Allow me to answer that question first of all by calling you a spaz, And finally because they used an xbox 360.

Who the feck cares it's a sad sad day when even family guy is entering the r-tard "console wars" for no lifers.

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LordMarius3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

was that suppose to be funny?

maybe with this type of product placement they can hire better writers.

HolyOrangeCows3201d ago

Oh come on, it may have been shameless product placement, but it was still funny.

RedSky3201d ago

Family Guy has not been funny for years. Anyone who says otherwise honestly either hasn't watched the earlier seasons or is a terrible judge of comedy.

Armyntt3200d ago

Why because you dont like something it means its bad product. GTFO if you think your opinion is the end all. Delusional man. Sure Family Guy isnt as great as before but that doesnt mean its bad. It still has its moments. BTW Family Guy is still highly watched by millions of people so obviously someone likes it. But let me guess your one of those that thinks something is cool until mainstream america catches on. If you are then you are one of my biggest peeves on earth. You are the type that says oh X was better before. Metallica was at their best before the black album. Oh if it sells alot and more people like a certain product it cant be any good. I want everything to myself. Your a douche.

RedSky3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Oh I'm sorry, did I disapprove of your favorite show?

Where to begin, where to begin.

Maybe the irony that one moment you're telling me that millions of people watch (so it must be good?) and then bagging me for being a counter-culture trend follower the next. I suppose that went over your head though.

Maybe I could point out that on, virtually all the episodes from the newer season have terrible ratings, compared to the earlier ones:

I suppose they're all counter-culture posers too.

Or maybe I could simply tell you, that you're the reason that western TV and movies are full of sequels, remakes, rehashes and shows way past their prime because it just too darn hard for you to get off your ass, realise that the status quo is terrible and try something else.

sinclaircrown3200d ago

That a cartoon can start a flame war on here and be the hottest story of the day. More sad than funny actually.

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Pedobear Rocks3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

God I hate product placement.

- Sent from my iPad

@HOC: You don't wanna hurt yourself dancing, you better stretch out those creamy hamstrings

IronAva3200d ago

You hate product placement yet your iPad just announced itself. LoL just a joke, I have a 3gs and an iPad.

OT: I still watch FG but only on Cartoon Network Adult Swim.

Pedobear Rocks3200d ago

that was an attempt at irony.

Shendow3201d ago

Nice, I was thinking it would just show people using the glitchs lol.

Darkstorn3201d ago

Now THAT would be funny...

cody2oo3201d ago

Is when he says "imma go duck here" or w/e and the is actual people sitting behind a car!!!! i saw team work on mw2......this cant be right....