PS3 FW 3.21 for the Good or Bad? - Nick's Gaming View

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #9, Nick covers this week's latest news including the announcement of new Uncharted 2 DLC and events including Apple's latest press conference. Nick also talks about the latest PS3 firmware and whether it was a good move or not. Along with the news of the week, Nick gives his impressions on ModNation Racers (PSP). Nick also has Vernon Mollette, Producer of ModNation Racers (PSP), on the show to talk about the upcoming portable racer, ModNation Racers. Lastly, Nick closes it out with what really grinds his gears and to clear up the HypeHopGamer event."

Remember that this episode features an interview with a Producer from SCEA San Diego!

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Nick2120043139d ago

I personally have no problem with firmware 3.21 because I never use Linux on my PS3 due to the lack of available RAM for the OS. I would rather Sony protect their investment and take away something I won't miss then allow people to hack and pirate PS3 games.

AndrewE3139d ago

i used to do my homework on linux. what will i do now?

Hanif-8763139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I didn't read the article but if a feature is removed how could that be good for us? I know its good for them, being that it protect against potential piracy. However, the question of the day is? How does it benefit us?

Nick2120043139d ago

First of all it is not an article, second of all Nick explains it on the show.

ThanatosDMC3138d ago

No piracy is a haven for publishers who like to make money. More publishers = more games.

presto7173138d ago

It was Linux vs PSN. I didn't even have Linux so 3.21 was just like any other. I only stick with official. Not into any custom crap from some kid.

badz1493138d ago

since you're keen enough to install Linux on your PS3, why don't dual-boot your PC? then you'll have the better version of Linux!

...and then have Lens of Truth guys do the Head2Head PC vs PS3! /s

Noob3138d ago

We can always look at what piracy did to the PSP and just imagine.

Sarick3138d ago

Shows Geo running 3.21 software with other OS running.

Most of the time when big companies do security lockouts it just encourages crackers more. In the end who does it really hurt the people breaking the law or the customers?

My guess is the next security fix will disable the ability to patch by USB flash memory because that's how he's doing it now.

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Nick2120043139d ago

Is anyone here seriously pissed about Sony removing the OtherOS feature?

Marty83703139d ago

It's only Pirates & hackers that are pissed. And they are the one ones killing the gaming industry.

And Sony stoping piracy with FW 3,21 does benefit the gaming industry, devs & pubs make profits. Which in turn get invested in more PS3 games. A true gamer should welcome this.

Jump Out, Play B3yond


zag3138d ago

I'm not pissed, I'm more pissed about what geohot is doing as he alone has taken that feature away.

If he hadn't of came out with it then it'd still be there and you wouldn't need to worry about it.

Also his CFW seem to screw the PS3 if you apply it to a non-hacked 3.21 Gen 1/2 PS3.

SO you need to apply the hack I really don't think it'll work out if you hack the PS3 really.

Nick2120043138d ago

I am super excited for the Uncharted 2 DLC! I have been hopping on U2 a lot lately and can't wait for the new mode "Siege" and the two new maps.

killajd3138d ago

I think its fine but taking away something from a system usually hurts the console but then the benefits might be alot better for it also!!!

killajd3138d ago

Nick stop talking for urself as urself its just weird...

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