Koku Gamer - Zhu Zhu Pets Review

Koku writes: "Zhu Zhu Pets may be relatively new on the market, only having come out in 2009, but they have created quite a stir in kids all over America. So it was only natural for there to be a DS game to come out for the cute little purring and cooing critters. But would it be any good? Well Cepia LLC teamed up with Activision to bring out Zhu Zhu Pets for the Nintendo DS and it's a cute little game."

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Pedobear Rocks4548d ago

Richard Gere to endorse it.

Sales would @ssplode!

PBR - Loving the Touch Generation of gaming.

Ziriux4548d ago

Yea, last thing it needs is an endorsement from that guy.