Koku Gamer - Zhu Zhu Pets Review

Koku writes: "Zhu Zhu Pets may be relatively new on the market, only having come out in 2009, but they have created quite a stir in kids all over America. So it was only natural for there to be a DS game to come out for the cute little purring and cooing critters. But would it be any good? Well Cepia LLC teamed up with Activision to bring out Zhu Zhu Pets for the Nintendo DS and it's a cute little game."

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Pedobear Rocks5187d ago

Richard Gere to endorse it.

Sales would @ssplode!

PBR - Loving the Touch Generation of gaming.

Ziriux5187d ago

Yea, last thing it needs is an endorsement from that guy.


Neocrisis: New Zhu Zhu Pets Screens + Box Art

Neocrisis: 6 new screens are out for Zhu Zhu Pets coming to DS and Wii.

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Mygamer: Zhu Zhu Pets Review

Mygamer writes: "Zhu Zhu Pets DS does well at mimicking how kids can interact with the real-life versions of the insanely popular toy hamsters. As a standalone game, however, it probably doesn’t stand up against the fleshed out pet simulators that populate the DS library. Zhu Zhu Pets is more of a touch-screen based Tamagotchi with colorful graphics and an action game built into it. Unfortunately, your Zhu Zhu Pet is likely to meet the same fate as your old Tamagotchi."


CSM: Zhu Zhu Pets Review

CSM writes: "Zhu Zhu Pets is a game that combines the taking care of virtual hamsters with racing them through fast-paced, ever-changing mazes. In the nurturing aspect of the game, you use your DS stylus to pick up hamsters (there are nine to unlock) and carry them to their food, water, bed, toilet, or exercise area. You can also feed them treats or pet them. In the adventuring aspect of the game, you place a hamsters in one of 30 mazes (which you unlock over time). You direct them through the mazes, but there are many places where things are beyond your control, including speed ramps, slide chutes, jumping ramps, tunnels, and bumpers (similar to those found in pinball games). Each maze has a goal which may be as simple as finding your way to the end or collecting objects or baby hamsters within."

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