10 Things You Must Try In Final Fantasy XIII

Despite a rich history of sprawling adventures, this latest outing for the Final Fantasy series is as linear as a taut string. But even without the expected wealth of side quests, there's plenty you could miss if you're not paying attention.

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ExcelKnight3139d ago

Err... All of these things are explained within the first hour of the game, save for two.

Still, it's a decent list of things most FFXIII players should keep in mind if they want an optimal advantage against monsters.

ChozenWoan3138d ago

Stay Awake.

Do I really need to say more? ;/

midgard2273138d ago

game is awesome, and now the open world is to open, i get so dang lost in it lol.

my only complaint is there isnt more limit breaks and the main enemy is not cool wat so ever

Hotel_Moscow3138d ago

ithought the game was to linear

midgard2273138d ago

ummmm if u played it urself u wud see the first 24 hours is linear.......then it becomes freakin epically big and open.

atleast 20 hours of open world exploring. ENOURMOUS monsters, and dude u dont know big till u see the monsters urself lol, they r like buildings

UltraNova3138d ago

If you enjoy epic scale stuff I suggest you take it up a notch (or 10!)and play any god ofwar game especially the 3rd one! ;)

Qbanj693138d ago

Really? Look, I'm an avid fan of FF, but this one was by far the most linear one of the bunch.

I have 70hrs logged and I just beat my first play through last week. Even when you get to chapter 11 and you can start exploring the only place you can explore are the plains (granted its massive). But still... and even so after you're done farming, you are back to the same thing after.

Alvadr3138d ago

Nice tip for upgrading your equipment... Start off with 36 sturdy bones, they will give you a X3 bonus

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Redempteur3138d ago

? i was aware of that by playing the game ... make you wonder how some people are playing rpgs

midgard2273138d ago

yeah lol, they made seem like it was news, the only thing i wasnt sure of is how to find the chocobos, besides that all else is explained for us

Crass3138d ago

Lol I clicked on this thinking it would have 10 fun things to do in FF13 that were off-the-beaten-path. Nope. This is like 10 super-basic things EVERYONE should be doing already just to play the game efficently. So stupid.

wollie3138d ago

change the title to "Ten things people do in FFXIII"

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The story is too old to be commented.