Cubed3: Monster Hunter 3 Preview

Loud, garish, manly and a bit like walking straight into Conan the Barbarian complete with rampaging Ar-nold Schwarzenegger, Monster Hunter 3 (tri) pulls no punches. Straight off the bat everything is epic, epic menus, epic weapons, epic characters, epic loading screens and, of course, the obligatory hugely epic massively terrifying monsters that somehow, mystifyingly, you're able to kill. You, with your sword and gummy flesh, against some twenty-feet of scales, teeth and evil.

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Myst3137d ago

You know with basically 8~7 days left to go till it's release I haven't really come across any sort of review for this game as of yet. I thought by now some reviewers would have had it in their hands and at least played 25 hours. A quick synopsis of what they think about it would suffice and could even go as a two parter.

Anyway can't wait for this and kind of scared as I wonder how good the on line interaction will be...

matey3136d ago

dont worry ONM gave it 91% and nintendo power gave it 90% and ive seen a 80% somewhere but the online is amazing from what ive heard no lag with all the action taking place with 4 players at once so ive preordered it anyways its got the most servers for any online game or equal to mariokart u have a Capcom ID and thats that