10 Things to Never Say in an Online Game

Associatedcontent: If you play online computer games it's probably because you enjoy interaction. There are plenty of quality single-player games available to sate the appetite of the solitary gamer.

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-Mezzo-3116d ago

Ohh, i will say it all, alright (B*tch) lol

Darkstorn3115d ago

This list is kind of bogus. For one, why can't people talk politics in an online game? I'm a poly sci major; I live and breath politics...

Raypture3115d ago


They shouldn't be discussed in online games, I discuss politicts and such when people will accept other views as their own, and respect them but many a times people gaming online wouldn't or they'd get bored since it doesn't interest them, I personally concern myself with political matters since it is important but I don't discuss them unless someone else brings it up usually.

That being said I can't agree more with 6, everything gets gay and everyones a f4g, f4g isn't even used in the sense of someone being gay anymore but just a word for I don't like you.

And as for one, if they're dumb enough to do that their identity DESERVES to get stolen, I don't put my real name anywhere unless I have to, I don't have a facebook but if I did I wouldn't put my real name for security reasons, employers looking at it, family stalking me on there etc

Dave13513115d ago

What is this guy talking about!?, I was expecting this article to be funny or something. what a letdown

who the heLL talks about any of this stuff?

NateNater3116d ago

I lol @ people who are stupid enough to say things like this.

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sluttytuna3115d ago

Never ask "do you want to trade dlck pics?" Doesn't go over well.

Darkstorn3115d ago

I see you have first-hand experience...

Halochampian3115d ago

worked for me!!!

just kidding for all the people who take things too seriously...

BannedForNineYears3115d ago

Eh, not exactly what I was expecting.
But decent enough article. More referring to MMOs (Seems like).

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