The Five Worst Video Game Systems of All Time

Associatedcontent: Gaming is a multi billion dollar industry, but for every PS2 (138 million sold) there is a Pippin (42,ooo sold). Here are a few of those forgotten console and handheld systems, along with a couple you probably never even knew existed.

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bacrec13113d ago

N-Gage is my worst. Man that screen was tiny

LordMarius3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

never heard of any of these

LordMarius3113d ago

fail list is fail
how can you not include both of the trashbox in there

Blaze9293113d ago

the N Gage was a pretty cool concept. I remember even I wanted one. It was just executed poorly. PSP has the potential to be everything the N Gage couldn't if Sony will make the device a phone. The PSP Go could have totally been a cell phone device too under Sony Ericsson - nice, sleek and a slider.

cry from the sky3113d ago

the xbox360, with all of the money you have to put into it its rediculous, just upgrade your computer, you can pimp it out for 800-1000 bucks and it will be wayy better than the 360. my aunt bought a 360 and wanted to show me some games and in the middle of dead space red ringed. oh! and she had to spend 5 bucks for batteries at the store to put into the dang remote. so later than week the family went to my home and i showed her the ps3 and she was soo shaken up with the features, how braveheart looked in bluray...uncharted and the kids wouldent stop playing littlebigplanet. and then i showed her my computer and she was blown away as well, but she really dosent like to game on the computer so she just told me shese getting a ps3. ive had nes, atari, psp, ps2, gamecube and none of them were as costly as the 360.

kaveti66163113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I agree mostly, but some games on the 360 are true blue exclusives, like Halo 3 and Gears 2, Crackdown, Alan Wake. The list is a lot smaller than 360 fanboys will have us believe, but I still enjoy those games immensely and put enough hours into Halo 3 to make my 360 purchase worth it 2 times over. So, what I am gonna do? Just pretend that I don't like Halo?

Edit: I haven't played Alan Wake yet so I can't say I enjoy it. But I am confident I will.

HolyOrangeCows3113d ago

No, no, no. Convoluted identity is NEVER good for video game systems. Marketing the PSP as a Phone as well as a game system is NOT going to help it.

AliTheBrit193113d ago

^ Screw you Marius, The saddest thing is you KNOW the Xbox 360 is not a bad console.

Its awesome but has its flaws, like every other damn console.

But let me guess, the PS3 is perfect right?

Etseix3113d ago

[email protected] i think hes just talking about the console, not the games, like me, i like a lot of games of the xbox but i play them on pc anyway, the games are good, the console... is a headache (in my case), 3 red lights already, (while i only played gears of war 1 and 2?!) i like gears but im not going to buy another console just to play it, good games.. but for me... worst system ive bought. (hope u all have the money to get a pc instead)


People said the same thing about PS2/PS3 with the movie player gaming machine matter, turned out you can add functionalities, taunt them as selling points and still keep a good image in your product.

The trick would to marketing as a handheld gaming rig and keep taunting the phone, browser (let's hope for a better one), camera and what not features an smartphone have, while keeping the price in the reasonable (not cheap, but justifiable) and spending most resources in great gaming software and general features for better experience...

To be honest here, I don't believe this will make stop using your phone, just like MP3 cameraphones didn't killed Ipod or Cameras, or like having a PS3 with linux and BD, didn't make get rid of my PC or stopped from buying another BD player.

There is actually another way to sell almost definitive products with identity issues with double the price tag it's worth and without going trhu half that headache of marketing strategy. But looks like only Apple know how to do it.

duplissi3112d ago

OMG.... action max.. lol

ive always wanted to know what that was; when i was really young i remember playing action max games and its always ALWAYS bugged me that i didnt know what it was called or if it was real at all (i couldnt have been more than 2 or 3), well until today that is.

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ps3hasnogamess3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

ps3 for sure is worst console.

The ps3 high price is a result of the complicated and high end hardware Sony uses in the ps3. At launch, they were losing hundreds of dollars for every console sold, and today, even after several updated and new, cheaper components in ps slim , Sony still loses a big sum of money for every console they sell.


2010 is the bombshell year in which Sony console ceases to exist in

and the killer is XBOX 360.


Silly gameAr3113d ago

Yeah, the PS3 fanboys are TOTALLY the worst...

Boody-Bandit3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

You could make a fortune doing stand up with irony being your topic.
The only thing the XBox 360 kills is itself with RROD and E74.
I should know since I am waiting yet again to get mine back from the repair center in Texas.

Think I'm full of sh1t?
Here is the status email I received yesterday regarding it:

Xbox Customer Support Service Request ID #: 11287943## (digits ## for my privacy)

We would like to inform you that your console has been shipped and is on its way back to you!

You should receive the console within the next 7 days.

For your convenience, your shipping information is provided below:

Carrier Name : UPS
Carrier Tracking Number : 1ZV5287A4265817### (last 3 digits ### because I'm not giving out my name and address)

You can track the status of your package using the UPS website and the tracking number provided above.

You can check your service status at any time on-line at and click on the repair icon. Type in your Service Request number and post code* and click Submit.

*If you do not have a zip or post code please enter '0' in the ZIP/postal code field and you will be able to check your repair status

The tracking number may take up to 24 hours to activate.

Warranty Information

Please note that the "3 flashing red lights" and the "E74" system error, are covered by our extended three-year warranty program. If your console experiences the "3 flashing red lights" and the "E74" system error within three years of the original purchase date, your console can be repaired free of charge.

After your console has been repaired, your warranty will remain as is, or is extended by 90 days (whichever is greater)

If you paid for an out of warranty repair you now have a new 1 year warranty.

Need further assistance? Visit to:

Get help on-line by searching the frequently asked questions.
Join the Xbox on-line Community, share tips and help others.
Request a console service, or cancel a service request.
Check your console service status.

awesomeperson3113d ago

Marked and checked, I'll talk to you at the end of the year ;)

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C L O U D3113d ago

As a 90's baby I never played any of these consoles, the first I remember playing is the SNES.

Oh and the N-Gage I remember my friend showing it off once, that was the last time I've ever seen him have it.

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