Blockbuster details new Games By Mail rental system

Joystiq writes: Yesterday, we heard about beleaguered rental chain Blockbuster's attempt to yoink some of the video game rental market back from the hands of GameFly by implementing a new "Games By Mail" rental service. Today, we received more details: For an extra $7.99 plus tax on top of their standard monthly fees, Blockbuster Online subscribers will be able to rent one game at a time, which counts towards the total number of discs they're allowed to have out under their subscription plan. Fortunately, if you don't check out any games during the one-month billing period, you're not charged the extra eight bucks.

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truehunter3111d ago

monthly fees ... I thought BB died alritey, there nothing but ripp offs an limited u manytimes.

NateNater3111d ago

Well BB is doing everything they can possibly do to stay alive these days. They just filed for Ch 11 bankruptcy last month and are $975 million in debt.

Read here for more info

NateNater3111d ago

GameFly's service is better than what BlockBuster is offering IMO.