New Project Natal footage from the Spanish TV

Project Natal was in Spain, and "La Sexta" (TV Channel) went to his presentation. The video includes scenes from the Ricochet demo, this time more advanced, but not being the final version yet.

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Wrathman5216d ago

yeah you guys stick to your pretend sword fighting games.lmao

wow every video i have seen of randons playing this are totally blown away..thats why you fruits are pissing your pants in here.and wot makes it worse for you is from wot you can see is more or less no lag.and your glowy wii dongs lag way worse.hahaha

psmove..available at an anne summers party this year!!!lmfao

Mo0eY5216d ago

Last I checked swords were way more awesome than red balls. But I'm sure you like balls, Wrathman.

infekt5216d ago

Bots like playing with balls..

xTruthx5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

At 1:48 the guy said, if they worry about making good makes i have no doubt this will succeed. So those games he was playing in there weren't fun......?

BTW am I the only 1 who thinks those videos after the 1 minute mark are fake ? They just seem to perfect xD and if its like that then wow, the response time is amazing.

Nitrowolf25216d ago

yeah that part i believe is already recorded beofre its like the MILO thing they did.
That would be amazing if they could get it that accurate

And about that part of him saying that (i understand spanish) i have no idea if he ment it like that. Either way i am sick of seeing the same game.

Christopher5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Note the time from 1:09 to 1:13 with both ladies playing natal. There's still noticeable lag, about 1/2 second. This is the same they've been showing since last year.

Attached image shows both women with their legs in the air, yet both of their avatars are standing on the ground. I will note that the TV avatar of the woman on the left is starting to raise off the ground.

Microsoft, please show us something at E3 that will make this more than just fluff for the hardcore, because right now I'm still thinking this will just fit the casual market with some pointless bounce around hand and feet games. I barely have time to play all the good hardcore games out there, I'm not going to be wasting my time playing casual fluff games like this.

fox025216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Where's the PSMove? It was suppose to come out a month ago and yet no one seems to give a flying phuck about it.
The whole biased media keeps talking about Natal this, Natal that... SDF mobilize, we need to hype the move because right now, no one cares about it.

Wrathman5216d ago

what you guys dont seem to notice in all these video is how excited people are at playin with natal.surely that says something.and all the media gurus come away totally blown away by the tech.

meanwhile back at sony HQ the media is like MEH over ps move.

Obama5216d ago

of course only the catching red ball game is real. If the other games on the video are real, MS would have shown them off already.

Cold 20005216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Lol I was thinking the same thing. Check my post 3.10

Even on a site like N4G nobody gives a crap anout the Move.

Natal threads just shoot straight to 1000° in no time while Move threads...well...lol.

Oh!! I got it! MS is paying N4G members to post in Natal threads so they reach front page! Damn and there I was thinking that this was a PS3 haven! :)

GiantEnemyCrab5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

^^^^I think people see Move as too "samey" to the Wii and then they see Natal as doing something one step beyond so there reaction to Move is "meh". MS picked a good time to go with a controller free device and market it as an "evolution" of the Wii experience.

I predict after E3 you will see Sony start to shift more twords showing what the EYE can deliver on its own without Move but at the same time part of the Move experience(GT5 head tracking being the start). Then they start that path down the trademark and patent minefield MS has been laying down for the last couple years for controller free gaming.

DOMination5216d ago

Move looks like a tacky "me too" Wiimote copycat to the average person in the street, regardless of whether it is or not and that's why they aren't interested in it.

aceitman5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

y is it always so bright around where people stand look at the videos and by the way ( cgoodno) u are right that pic is what i saw that made me say what the hell was that .. and those who disagrre with that pick is blind come on if it wasnt what i saw ill say ok but i saw it in the video and it is real ms needs to fix it and come out when its ready like sony is doing if u rush it out and it aint right or does what u said it does than it will fail

4Sh0w5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

I'm sick of seeing the same Natal "Riccochet demo" myself, but I guess I didn't come to this thread to complain about it because I realize that this is news coming out of Spain which for the most part is mostly a result of the Spanish media's first hands on time with Natal. sigh, I don't think this news is aimed at a informed gamer like me. I wonder why I even bothered to click on another Natal thread, the goddamm link is in Spanish! wtf is wrong with Spain, don't they know what English is?

It's such a shame microsoft is advertising their product in Spain, and I suspect they only announced that seperate Natal event at E3 so that everyone at the event has a chance to come on stage an try their brand new "Milo Riccochet" game for themselves. Hey, I'm not the brightest guy around but I think its a mistake that this is all microsoft will have to show at E3, maybe they should be working on other games too.

Parapraxis5216d ago

@aceitman, MS would logically set up the most optimal settings to showcase the new hardware, as would any company.

The questions about lighting, distance, timing etc are all valid, but we'll all have to wait for proper product reviews that test these conditions to see how Natal handles the environmental variables.

Redempteur5216d ago

Nothing new ..i'll wait for actual games and not pre edited footage from microsoft ..

i REALLY HOPE i 'll NOT see that kick the ball /dodge game after E3 ..really

right and wrong5216d ago

Fox you brought up a good question. What the heck happened to Moves release date?

silvacrest5216d ago

Natal has the "new, shiny" effect and im sure the casuals will eat it up, assuming its issues are resolved

and yeah, to the uninformed move looks like more of the same but once the hype slows down for both motion devices and they are judged purely on what they can do and games available, thats when i'll take notice

also, even though some of you are 360 fanboys are you really going to buy natal knowing what games are coming?

as a ps3 owner i asked my self the same question about move and i wont be buying it

HolyOrangeCows5216d ago

Mucho Ricochet, no mucho otros videojuegos :(

Triella5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

No news here. The commentator says that they wouldn't let the journalist record the screen while people were playing, obviously there's still noticeble lag MS is trying to conceal (well, they managed to show us some lag and some hiccups around 1:10 anyway). Oh and MS graciously gave them the promotion video so people would have an idea what to expect from Natal (without specifying in the comments that it was only a target render vid).

They also said they only got to play Ricochet and were told it was still in developpement (so there's basically no improvement over last year E3 demo). Those two girls (MS VPs) were the only one demoing the entire presentation because "the technology is so advanced that if there were anything wrong with the demo they would be the only one to know how to fix it" (yeah right, what a pretext)

The journos didn't seem very impressed either, they say things we basically already heard : that its success will be depending on what developpers creat for it, another one is cut short while saying he's sure Nintendo is closely watching Natal [cut part : and they already have something to counter it] and the last one says that yeah it's another take on the wiimote but he can't really say if it's for the best.

Bigpappy5216d ago

You are one brave dude to say shyt like that on N4G. You will be bubble free before midnight. I don't see PS3 only guys speak so bluntly about Move with the fanboy war going on. I have a lot of respect for honesty. I will not bubble you for speaking against the move, I will do it because I respect you as a person of integrity and it is rare to find that with the people on the internet, let alone this site. Bubbles!

Parapraxis5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

@ Bigpappy , Move is more in-line with what i'm interested in, but if the games suck I won't be buying it for myself (might still get it for the GF though..EA Sports active and stuff, she enjoys motion controlled games).
There, happy?

@ Triella, thanks for the translation. Shame that MS is not allowing people to film it properly, and some of the conditions are sketchy.
Maybe they just want to keep it under-wraps while they do the global PR tour (contradiction?)

ProjectVulcan5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

No.1: The studio woman is hot
No.2: The reporter isnt
No.3: I dont speak spanish
No.4: I didnt see anything i havent seen before (except the news woman, did i mention she was hot?)