Modern Warfare 2 Free Weekend Extended

Steam has announced an extension of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 free weekend.

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Therealspy033110d ago

almost to the price it should have been in the first place. assuming you wanna call MW2 a true sequel. and since ppl say l4d2 isn't a true sequel, i have a tough time justifying the rational for calling this repackaging a sequel.

peeps3110d ago

possibly because the free weekend started on thursday evening in the US but not until thursday midnight in the uk, basically meaning the guys in uk (and europe) wouldn't really be able to start playing until friday.

quite enjoyed playing the game on pc instead of consoles but was surprised by the players. i was expecting much more of a challenge but i actually felt the majority of players were more 'nooby' than those on consoles. i excpected it to be more about precision aim due to k&m and no aim assist. instead it was just a lot of spray, gl's and ppl running around with marathon, lightweight, commando, the knife attachement and only knifing. ppl did this on consoles too but it wasn't as effective due to the aim assist, whereas on pc ppl move far to fast when using these perks imo (which is probably why they used it)

so in conclusion, i was expecting the pc version to be a big improvement over consoles but in reality it wasn't at all and in some cases was worse.

Gun_Senshi3110d ago

lol i didn't even bother playing it free

BFBC2 > Camping Warfare 2

jdktech20103110d ago

Are you serious? I've never seen more camping snipers than I've seen in the PC version of BC2.....camping is a serious problem in COD but so is too many freaking snipers in BC2 while the M-Com stations are going down and they're sitting there like morons

Therealspy033110d ago

sniping is what people who are crap at fps do to convince themselves they don't suck. i can't think of a lower form of contribution to gaming than the idiots who do nothing but snipe.

KRONie3110d ago

what is that you're saying? game sells better at a more-or-less reasonable price? PREPOSTEROUS!