1UP: Crysis 2 Preview

1UP writes: One thing I've learned from listening to Cevat Yerli and Cliff Bleszinski is that game developers really like messing up nice things. Yerli uses the catchphrase, "catastrophic beauty," when he details some of the key aspects of the upcoming Crysis 2 which sounds eerily like the way Bleszinski threw around the words, "destroyed beauty" (in fact, it's even the name of the official artbook) during the development of the original Gears of War.

The "catastrophic beauty" that Yerli speaks of is also a bit of a controversial point for Crysis 2 -- because said catastrophe is applied to New York City. Yerli comments, "Crysis extended traditional jungle gameplay as far as it could, and so now the game takes place in the 'urban jungle.'"

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