Why Crytek Simplified 'Crysis 2'

MTV Multiplayer writes: One could call the original "Crysis" was one of the most hardcore games released in recent memory. Not only was it a first-person shooter with a complex power management system, its hardware requirements made it unplayable to all but the most dedicated PC gamers. While "Crysis 2" remains an FPS (with a similar power management system), the developers at Crytek have spent a lot of their time making sure that the barrier to entry won't be nearly as impenetrable. They've done this in two ways: one obvious, one less so.

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Software_Lover3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

wrong reply

Pandamobile3114d ago

God damn it, they better not have screwed with the nanosuit controls...

Letros3114d ago

wow only 2 modes...not sure I like that too much, it was so fun fast switching between the 4 modes while your picking off enemies.

Fanb0y3114d ago

2 modes is way too simplified. They should have reduced it to 3

left, right, down on the d-pad for consoles.

Up to customize weapon.

Pandamobile3114d ago

They should keep the same 4 suit modes and use joystick to activate them. I can't remember the combo for the first Crysis but I think it was something like Right-bumper-button to bring up the suit menu, and use the aiming joystick to select them.

One thing I'm curious about is how they're going to get the weapon customizations working on gamepads. Changing weapon mods with the controller was retarded. It was faster to put down the controller, and use the keyboard.

Software_Lover3114d ago

The shouldn't have changed anything with the nanosuit controls because in Warhead you could use the 360 controller. Hell it was an option. And all the modes were there. So no excuses for that.

They are just trying to get some of that casual money and add another "easy" experience for the new crowd

They should've just left it on pc. But they have to make money to survive as does anyone.

exnihilonihilfit3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

You really only need 1 button to toggle through 4 modes.

I know pandamobile and his crew are going to bubble rape me just for suggesting this (though there's no reason to do that), but have you stopped to consider that this decision might actually have nothing to do with the controller at all. It's not unusual that things change from the first game to a sequel, and there are 4 modes, they're just layered, so it's really not all that different. If you wanted to complain about something like them deciding not to implement object tessellation on PC because it wasn't translatable to consoles or something like that (not that they did that, I don't know what graphics capabilities they chose to leave out due to console specs), then you'd have a good reason to complain, but a change in control scheme that in the end provides the exact same number of options is not worth flipping out over. Sit down, have a glass of water and count down from the number 10, it's going to be alright. If anything, this frees up some buttons on your keyboard so that you can use them for something even more cool.

PC gamers need to stop exaggerating about how consoles are gimping all their games, just as PS3 gamers need to stop complaining about 360 gimping their games. More often than not, good developers are able to tailor their games to each platform appropriately. End of the day, PC gamers should be able to rest assured that whatever the game is, they'll have the best version.


They aren't changing anything for the sake of casual games, casual gamers simply aren't going to buy this game. There's no reason why they can't just streamline something for the sake of streamlining it.

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NateNater3114d ago

Sometimes simplified is a better thing

Pandamobile3114d ago

Not when it didn't need to be simplified in the first place.

I loved the fact that Crysis used almost every button on my keyboard for a purpose. Now that it's jumped the shark and landed on consoles, I have a bad feeling that a lot of that will be missing in the sequel due to the fact that a game pad only has like 15 buttons...

If they get rid, or drastically alter the suit menu rose, I'll be pissed.

Dude4203114d ago

At least Dragon Age's controls weren't the same as the consoles.

TheIneffableBob3114d ago

Difference is that Dragon Age started out as a PC exclusive. There are a lot of gameplay differences between Dragon Age PC and Dragon Age consoles.

Pandamobile3114d ago

Hopefully Crysis 2 will have the same type of gameplay that made the first one such an awesome and memorable game, and not watered down the point where it becomes a generic futuristic corridor shooter due to the limitations of console hardware and input devices.

jeezuz3113d ago

Using the free Xpadder application, and that was a complex enough game. I have never played Crysis but I don't see how a FPS could be more complex than rpg and require the decision to 'dumb down ' the controls. Hell at least leave all the options there for the PC version, if the player really wants to he'll figure out a way to play that connected to the tv laying on the couch.

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dreamoner3114d ago

I think it's not simplified.. in the first game you can change powers in one layer.. so now it looks like 2 options but under those options there is 2 options more.. so it's not simplified.. more complicated I think.. it's just stg that they are trying to game to look more complex.. fghjkl; but it makes no diffence.. just you have to switch the options to see other options.. one layer was good.. and this was a needless long writing tells one thing :p asdfghjl;

Lemon Jelly3114d ago

This reminds me of IW trying tell PC gamers "oh don't worry Matchmaking is so much better then a server'll see"

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