Sony On The Move With Another Peripheral?

We at TVG have been digging through patents, designs, and trademarks and found something that appears to be an additional weapon in Sony's motion controller arsenal.

Earlier in the year Sony revealed that a sub-controller will be joining the combined PlayStation Move and PS Eye setup. Essentially it works similarly to the Wii's Nunchuk, providing a thumbstick and extra buttons for more traditional controls.

However it seems the overall setup could become a little more complex if the following peripheral designs are anything to go by. Could Sony be adding yet another component to its increasingly elaborate array of motion peripherals?

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GrandDragon3113d ago

It's Sony's secret weapon, when activated it will destroy every sh1tbox-3sh1ty in the world. It also kills 360 fanboys

It'll be activated during MS's conference blowing Bill Gates right off the stage and in to Greenturds ass.

Wrathman3113d ago

sonys secret weapon is a usb pregnancy test for all you fruity droids that think ull get pregnant if you put a move wand in your assholes.

i have a tip..put a durex on it first

MGOelite3113d ago

there are a number of scientifically impossible things in that paragraph but i cant be arsed pointingthem out

rezzah3113d ago

Well now this just seems like your fetish for a man's ass. You know since your so addict to the rectum, you should shove Natal up your ass and give it a try. Hey once your at it, go ahead and buy a MOVE you just might like both at the same time.

Dont be a prick.

NateNater3113d ago

He's forgetting one thing there. The PS Move also uses the PSEye. Therefore, it can already do what Natal does.

sinncross3113d ago

My honest guess:

since the PS3 only has 7 bluetooth ports, and each PS Move and subcontroller takes up a bluetooth support each: it would be impossible for 4 player splitscreen on games that require both the Move and sub.

Maybe this device sends and receives data between the Ps Move and subcontroller to transmit as a single data stream to the PS3 resulting in a single bluetooth port being used for a single PS Move and subcontroller combination.

Of course, if it was also designed to be tracked by the PSEye for something that hat would be cool too.

jidery3113d ago

The PS eye can almost do what natal can do, but with less accuracy as its just a camera, and natal contains many more sensors designed for no control play.

Bigpappy3113d ago

You are mis-informed buggy. PS-Eye is not a 3D camera. It can only do side to side and up and down captures. It can't measure back and forth. That is why you have the move controller. It handles the back and forth. That is why the Move is like the Wii.

JoelR3113d ago


your mistaken.. it can do z depth. :)

the best way to describe how it can do it is - take a pencil and hold it in front of your face - see the size of the pencil
now take that same pencil and move it 10 metres away and look at it.
you will notice that the pencil seems smaller.

now if you tell the ps3/pseye combo that the pencil is at a certain distance(aka - calibration) and then move it either towards or away from the camera it can calculate the distance in z it has moved by the scaling of the object. (in fact the ps move does this with the glowly balls of death :) )

and for those who care ...

the pseye has built in 4 capsule microphone array that can detect direction via noise location tracking on top of the 56 and 75 degree FOV. It launched with CV head tracking and digimask face mapping, facial recognition and gesture tracking and interpretation. can run at both 60hz and 120 hz for fast motion capture

Hideo_Kojima3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

In the video the only things being tracked are the face and the 2 controllers. The bodies location is just being guessed.

This method can work in a lot of games though without the need of full body tracking you can have very similar experiences as you can see he can easily move around to where he wants.

@1.7 So its up to developers to program in the required code for full body tracking...

nice it seems like ps move might evolve as it matures or perhaps we are in for a shock at e310

JoelR3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

The pseye can do full body tracking as it is. Try some experiments on the pc with the camera,it just requires proper software :)
(I recommend modifiying some multitouch software as it is a good basis or check the ieeecomputersociety for some really good single source motion full body motion tracking ideas)
But for best results a modification can be made to the camera to make it better at motion tracking - remove the IR filter and it does body tracking 100-135% better then with it in.

see also

Bigpappy3113d ago

"The PlayStation Move motion controller features an orb at the head which can glow in any of a full range of colors using RGB light-emitting diodes (LEDs).[9] The colored light serves as an active marker, the position of which can be tracked along the image plane by the PlayStation Eye.[10][11] The uniform spherical shape and known size of the light also allows the system to simply determine the controller's distance from the PlayStation Eye through the light's image size, thus enabling the controller's position to be tracked in three dimensions[11][12] with high precision and accuracy.[fn 1] The sphere-based distance calculation allows the controller to operate with minimal processing lag,[14] as opposed to other camera-based control techniques on the PlayStation 3".

JoelR3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )


Well duh... that is exactly what i said. The only difference is that light is precalibrated (known size and shape) in system so uses less processor. It still can do the other.
I do know what I am talking about and read what you copied...
yes the camera can understand Z depth if you devote cycles and calibration to it for the objects to be viewed in a 3d field. If you use parallax duo cameras of course it allows for less need to process as the parallax covers some of the processing needs (less calibration needed)

and really... wiki? - it's correct this time but please please use primary sources next time to try and correct someone. wiki != accurate

tests currently have it *useable* but not viable as of yet for less then 1 frame lag time (hmmm where have I seen that complaint before).

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WeaseL3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

looks like a bluetooth eyetoy

NateNater3113d ago

It looks sort of similar to the official playstation bluetooth headset

Nitrowolf23113d ago

that would be sweet to have a BT eyetoy (but might cause issues)
i thought it was at first until i saw the clip thing n the back

kws10653113d ago

sound transceiver. If players are too far from PSeye, they could need to shout out to order by voices.

Bluetooth headset would do this, too, but it is very easy to fall off from the ears if you move around vibrantly, I think.

Or, just for those who use USB or Jack mic and don't want to buy bluetooth (Really?).

ak3nji3113d ago

The PSeye has like 3 or 4 mics in it, that can pick up sound from a distance and from close-up. I used to do video calls via PSN to my mates when i lived in another state and both of them would be sitting in entirely different parts of the room and they both were clear, audible and both were at the same volume(So the person closest, wasn't louder than the person in the distance), I am very impressed with the PSeye as it is and i think 'Move' will enhance the experience.

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