Microsoft To Match Sony With A New Exclusive Future On The Rise HipHopGamerShow 4/11/10

1. PS Move Kills Two Birds With One Stone (New Footage)
2. Spec Ops: The Line To Have A Bigger Scale Than Uncharted 2
3. Red Steel 2 - 9 Out Of 10 (Great Game)
And Much Much More

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Simon_Brezhnev3164d ago

I wonder what his loyal hate fanbase going to say today. I'll probably get a lot of disagrees

DelbertGrady3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

I'm not surprised to see you siding with him.

mrv3213164d ago

The 'loyal' fan base as you so put it will probably reply with the logical assessment that a PC is not a 360 and thus we can conclude the 360 has less exclusives. To which someone else who is loyal will reply but it's Microsoft exclusive to which other loyal people reply. That's pants on head stupid.

Which camp am I in, I don't care if it's exclusive, so long as it's good. Sure exclusives tend to be of higher quality, but multiplatform games can be JUST as good. I enjoyed red faction a lot and that's also on 360. I enjoyed Halo 3 a lot and that's only on 360 and I enjoyed Uncharted 2 a lot and that's only on PS3.

Where do I stand on the is it 360 exclusive thing, personal my definition of exclusives is that it can ONLY be played on the certain platform, if it can be played elsewhere legally then it's not exclusive.

TOO PAWNED3164d ago

Trolls get attention and this guy is good at doing it in small doses. One week Sony is ready to destroy MS, next MS secret MS exclusive to rival PS3, etc in circle. Complete joke.

deadreckoning6663164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

@imdaboss- I can understand someone not liking HHG's show, but I don't understand why anyone would hate him. He's making a living doing what he loves. Thats more that can be said for most people out there.

I don't see HHG as a Sony fanboy, I just see him as a guy that rolls with the best and right now he thinks that what the PS3 is offering is the best. If the next Xbox exceeds what the PS3 is doing then you can be sure that HHG will roll with M$ next generation.

Btw, that PS Move demo was pretty impressive =D

BrutallyBlunt3164d ago

This guy is pretty funny but I do agree that he tries too hard. He's a PS3 fan through and through but at least he's passionate about gaming and tries to show excitement all around.

The Playstation Move demo was pretty neat and again it just shows the possibilities. The guy is going to have a heart attack during E3. One day he'll say Natal is the bomb and is going to revolutionize the industry and then after the Sony press event he will say how The Playstation Move will destroy Natal and the Wii in a one two knock-out punch.

One thing about that demo of fighting is real fighting involves your whole body. So having the controller in each hand is fine for boxing but what about kickboxing or UFC style? I think that's why Microsoft keeps showing Ricochet as it uses all your limbs, not just your arms. However the Move looks to be very precise and better for other games.

dangert123164d ago

sounds like ms are trying to save money...its safe to say there keeping alot of the profit from addons.

3164d ago
SeanRL3164d ago

This guy is a retard, trying to be all gangster.

Persistantthug3164d ago

Please don't tell me you didn't understand the obvious sarcasm.


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g0green3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Both xbox and playstation are fun.

edit: exclusive derives from the word exclude, so a game like splinter cell, and mass effect are exclusives, due to the fact that they exclude platform(s). However at the same time they are multiplatforms.

mrv3213164d ago

By that definition Fifa is exclusive because it excludes the Commodore 64.

Simply put my issue stands when people use 360 exclusive to define Mass Effect.

morganfell3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

As if semantics matter but that definition of exclusive only applies to the adjective, not the noun form. And it is the noun form we are discussing. The basic differences are as simple as "limited from vs limited to" in short.

DelbertGrady3164d ago

So...LittleBigPlanet is not a PS3 exclusive since it's also on the PSP? Does that take away from the PS3 version somehow? Is the 360 version of Splinter Cell: Conviction less of a game because you can get it for PC as well?

3164d ago
BrutallyBlunt3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

It's simple. People will buy consoles for games even if those games are also on the PC. Just like those will buy consoles for games even if those games are on handhelds. It's true, Mass Effect is not exclusive but the fact remains, it sells very well on consoles. Just like Bioshock did and Fallout 3 did.

So one can argue all day if they want that Mass Effect 2 (or the first one) is not a true exclusive but how does that help the PS3 at all and it's userbase? It doesn't which is why you have people like Jack Tretton walk on stage and make a big deal about FFIV being on the PS3 and the PS3 being the first console to get it even though it's also coming to the PC. Microsoft also knows this and judging by sales of games like Bioshock with their own timed exclusive on the Xbox 360 it seems to me the only ones worried about it not being a true exclusive are those who don't like the Xbox 360 or don't want the Xbox 360 to succeed. Which is pretty sad really considering the Xbox 360 has made the PS3 a better product because of it. Competition is what forced the PS3 to drop to $300 and improve PSN. That's just two examples.

So if a game like Heavy Rain came out on the PC as well I'd still just get it for my PS3 since I don't play PC games. I imagine millions do play PC games but then again so do millions of others who play on handhelds. So it's no wonder Sony releases games on the PSP like MLB The Show and LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo. So to me having both consoles is great. Some may say it's overkill but so is playing games on the PC and having a PS3.

TheBest3163d ago

That was a bad comparison because of two reasons:

1. Both LBP games are released on Sony-made systems. Sony receives profits in both cases. The PC is not a 'Microsoft-made system' and MS doesn't get any money from PC games (except for those they produce and those published on Games For Windows Live).

2. LBP PSP and LBP PS3 are two different games. Unlike SC:C or Mass Effect 2 or any other 360/PC game which is the same game just two different platforms. Same games, two different platforms. LBP PSP has its own unique content not available on LBP PS3 and LBP PS3 has its own unique content not available on LBP PSP. To repeat, LBP PSP and LBP PS3 are part of the same series, but are not the same game. 360/PC games are the same frickin' game.

Try again though. It's fun pointing out holes in failed logic.

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mcgrawgamer3164d ago

the closer we get to E3 the more of these types of articles we'll see from HHG. I have no problem with the guy he's doing his thing for an industry he loves, but he has got to be the most love to hate, hate to love guy on N4G.

DelbertGrady3164d ago

I think he loves himself a tiny bit more than the industry.

CountDracula3164d ago

It's a "Conker's Bad Fur Day" squeak-quel.

Anorexorcist3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Nothing can be considered beneath him, I don't even think he even goes through any QA process to confirm most of what he says.

I expect him to come around one day with: "Yo ya'll everybody. this out dogg, It looks like going to be stepping it up and is purchasing exclusivity rights to...God of War!!!

Yeah God of War it is possible that God of going to show up on the xbox 360 very soon. That is just going to be off the hook dogs! Yeah expect a possible annouchement on that at this year's E3. So yeah...God of War on the 360 man...that is just going to be off the hook dogg. For Real!!!

Cueil3164d ago

obviously his speach patterns grate on your nerves and he runs with stuff he should probably not considering the sources and how much push is behind an idea... alot of the stuff he says does make it to market and we do get to see it... some of it doesn't... he is sony biased... he'll play multiplatform games on his PS3 even if the 360 version is vastly superior, but he tries to keep the new equal even if he does occassionally go nuts over something like God of War. On another note his title is much better than other titles and I hope he keeps the flame bait titles to a min

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