VGC: Top Ten Best Videogame Conspiracy Theories

VGC writes: Conspiracy theories are everywhere whether it be 9-11 truthers, JFK assassination theorists, or even health food companies. Since we are a videogame site, I've rounded up ten of the zaniest, goofiest, and possibly weirdest conspiracy theories out there in no particular order. Maybe we can see a shred of truth in them.

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Duke_Silver3165d ago

some of these are just silly

Boody-Bandit3165d ago

That is about the dumbest list I have ever seen on N4G and that says it all.

HolyOrangeCows3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

"Microsoft delays on PC in order to support consoles"

Conspiracy NOTHING. They shelved Alan Wake on PC for no reason (Remedy said their PUBLISHER (MS) shelved it), and then made up BS excuses for it months later (B/c gaming on a couch is a better experience (An u cant play PeeCee on a couch)...lolz).

HolyOrangeCows3165d ago

So everyone is aware, I'm MOCKING Remedy for saying that gaming on the couch was a better experience (As if that were true (And as if you couldn't play PC on a couch)), not SAYING that it's better.

Because Remedy tried to say that it would be better to play the game on a couch, that being their wretched reasoning for making it a 360 exclusive (Until they changed their story 2 or 3 times later).

Reigen3165d ago

well the list was to big for me to read entirely
but i must say
that the digital download conspiracy was quite stupid since bluray already has 7.3% of media share
not to mention bluray grew more in market share in jnuary this year than digital media did in the entire 2009

Cold 20003165d ago

They should have added the whole "MS is paying every media in EU and USA to make the PS3 look bad".

I heard the Spanish media is now owned by MS because some Spanish site thinks Natal is cool.

blind-reaper3165d ago

of course that don't happen... lol

xTruthx3165d ago

Yah, companies like IGN,gamestop and now SE would risk their reputation for free huh. Smart thinking right there

dalibor3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

"MS is paying every media in EU and USA to make the PS3 look bad".

Than why wasn't it posted in the article? There was hate during the PS3's early life cycle but why? Was it the price? Was it a bandwagon type effect? B/c the PS3's back then had it all(features for the system and using internet browser) so it wasn't b/c of a featureless console. The games were not horrible like so many people said, games like RFOM, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, ect. were fun(at least I had fun). So what ignited the hate? And can anyone prove there was no money involved?

Halo3 MLG Pro3165d ago

LOL! Good one. Yeah it's pretty funny and sad that people on here are that stupid enough to think Microsoft buys everything. Fact is their is zero evidence of Microsoft doing that. Sony on the other hand has solid proof of buying reviews for their movies. LOL!

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Rageanitus3165d ago

is the release datesa of PC games are delayed to help push console sales of the xbox .

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