5 Reasons Why This Generation Blows

Every generation of video games has had its fair share of rabid fanboys, flame wars and complete and utter idiots. Most importantly, however, every generation has had some kind of identity. The 16-bit era is often considered the "Golden Age" of gaming: filled with spectacular RPGs, platformers and scrolling shooters. The days of the N64/Playstation/Saturn ushered the birth of 3D gameplay. Now, though, there really isn't too much identity other than motion control and online experience. The bad clearly out-weighs the good in the current console generation. What are the top five reasons why?

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Pedobear Rocks3114d ago

is because every @ss with a keyboard (my self included) gets to express their opinion as if it makes a difference to anyone.


ape0073114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

yeah man, I agree 100% with you, almost everyone think he's a critic,"im better than you", flamewars Etc...

everyone thinks that when you got a keyboard and a connection, you are the king of world(mostly n4g) and no one can touch you(myself included sometimes)

bubble up for the honest comment but I think that this gen is amazing overall, yeah I kinda missed that old Japanese flair which make you feel like the happiest guy in the plant, it's puts you in an unforgettable feeling, it put a HUGE smile on your face I missed the taste of Crazy taxi, Jet Set Radio, marvel vs capcom 2, house of the dead 2, wwe no mercy,sword of berserk resi4 (5 disappointing) but im having tons of fun

I hope sega make these game again, God how amazing is jet set radio (nostalgia....)

Marceles3114d ago

bubble for Pedo, I think that's a huge reason why this gen blows. I remember having to rely on buying old game magazines like Gamepro or EGM or reading a few reviews from the minimal amount of internet gaming sites. Now EVERYONE has a damn site and it's more like a war of words than the software itself

presto7173114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

It has come good games, but it really cant compete with the past two gens. That's what happens when these companies lose focus of what they are doing. They went from making video game consoles to media center, entertainment-for-the-whole-fa mily, features-you-already-have-on-y our-laptop crap. Dont give me f**king facebook or netflix!!! Where are the games??!!!!!

Take me back to the good old day PLEASE!!!

Millah3114d ago

I agree this gen is the worst so far, but not really for the reasons in this article. Mainly it can be boiled down to over saturation of the same crap over and over and gaming now being too commercialized/mainstream. Where ever there's money, leave it to greedy corporate executives to ruin things. Creativity and originality is gone now. It's all about making "blockbuster" games now, instead of actually making amazing games.

madpuppy3114d ago

subscribe to a few gaming magazines and don't read or state your opinions anymore on sites like these.

k jules3114d ago

Don't forget the spoilers fanboys are forcing upon us!

TANUKI3114d ago

Pedobear hit the nail on the head. Well said.

NatureOfLogic3114d ago

@ ape007

+bubbles for the best N4G comment I've ever read

bjornbear3114d ago

yeah I totally agree, we're all guilty of that at some point

however I don't mind it that people express their opinions, its just the way they do it sometimes (myself included)

what sucks more this gen IMO is games missing content just to be sold as DLC =/ that is something i rather do without than gamers with a key board =)

Prototype3114d ago

Quantity > Quality
Fanboy wars
User-named Spoilers
12 year olds when mommy/daddy isnt around

I remember the sega/SNES days; yes graphics played a big part however it was more of the games and the big fight between Mario and Sonic. Now its "your game sucks because its 568p" and "we have timed DLC which gives us bragging rights" and my all time favorite "NPD = World"

ape0073113d ago

thanks a lot man,I really appreciate it

hamoor3113d ago

well its not bad gen
but the worst part is the fanboys
flame bait articles
fake news
and the lowest one is SPOILING GAMES

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Brewski0073114d ago

If the internet was around in almost every home when the mega-drive or Snes was you'd find yourself being just as annoyed by the excessive flamers stating their console is the best. Most are underage kids with nothing better to do than crave a reaction from their posts.

But i dont think this gen 'blows' based on a reason like that. Its Just something thats bringing it down a peg or two though.

n4f3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

no, reason why?
genesis does what nintendon't was commercial
sega made tons of commercial dissing nintendo and yes there was fanboy but less overreacting delusion fanboy.yes there were talking crap but not excessively
reason number 2 is the lack of creativity. just look at the library of each console(2 of them are almost identical)
most of the game are brown or grey,
too easy,repetitive , shooter , trying to be realistic and all that boring crap
now compare this to old school library
difficulty setting easy, medium, hard (medium was actualy harder than easy and hard was actualy hard!!),
imagination(riding a dinosaure,space robot killing alien,gorrilas trying to save his forest from crocodile)

different library between systems

Kalowest3114d ago

Im happy, this is the only gen where i owned all the consoles.

VINNIEPAZ3114d ago

Glad to hear that man. I've owned all systems every generation becuz I'm a gamer 1st.

Its so sad to see these fanboys grasping at the most non sensible things to just put the other side down.

"If it doesn't look as good as K2, UC2 or GoW3 its less of a game"

"LOLz U haz multi disks! Blu-rayz iz teh futurez!"

"Natal is Pew Pew Pew"

Think I've been on this site for too long with all the Sony fanboys to only think of stuff Sony fanboys said to put down Xbox. What are the Xbox trolls saying about Sony? I can only think of 2 things...

"It only takes away features" and "Glowing dildo!", but those are kinda weak.

Either way its just lame.

Moduserous3114d ago

Good point on the console failure rate - the only console before the current gen that ever ate it for me was the PS1 with it's disc read trouble.

Cajun Chicken3114d ago

I mainly miss the lack of 3d platformers.

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