Week recap: PS3 Stimulus; Xbox 360 USB; Monster Hunter Wii

Punch Jump Week Recap for week ending Apr. 10, 2010. Stories include:

Activision Blizzard Inc. this week said it will release the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC to the PS3 and PC in May.

Microsoft this week enabled USB Memory support to the Xbox 360 hardware. The functionality requires a mandatory Dashboard update.

Capcom Co. this week released a new TV ad for Monster Hunter Tri.

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Joule3114d ago

the ps3 is hot right now selling like crazy worldwide.

SlipperyMooseCakes3114d ago

What does that have to do with this article?

Persistantthug3113d ago

So instead of buying proprietary Harddrives for craploads of $$$ can now use 2 16 gig USB sticks/cards.

You can only use 2 though.

Hotel_Moscow3113d ago

dont these usb flash drive end up at around like 30 dollars each why do that when you can install an internal one for 80 dollars that 500 gigs

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truehunter3113d ago

20GB HDD 360 cost like what 30 ish dollar, while USB is 40$ ???? The smart way to go is HDD.

2.5$ Per GB USB or 84 cent per GB off of 120GB ..... Its bad when ppl dont know math, i have 3 16GB USB drive paid less then 30$ each. Good thing my PS3 an PC doing fine.