Castlevania Lords of Shadow versus God of War 3: Screenshot Comparison

GB writes: "Castlevania Lords of the Shadows is building up to be a highly anticipated game. With the talented MercurySteam and the genius of Kojima Productions behind the development of the game, its rest assured that game will be nothing less than spectucular. David Cox, the games producer has stated that the game's visuals will be comparable to God of War 3. So we at GB decided to do a high definition screen shot comparison of both the games."

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ps3hasnogamess3139d ago

god of war 3 suc*ks. so disappointed with god of war 3! its such a cheaply made game with so many glitches and the graphics (apart from the water graphics) are terrible!

lack of variety in atmosphere of this game IS TERRIBLE! The character kratos does move slower as well. The ending was a huge let down for the series. The boss battles were a drag too(no challenge)

NateNater3139d ago

Have fun playing with flashlights instead of taking down gods :P

talltony3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Otherwise your name would make no sense. Stupid fanboy. :(

lovestospoodge3139d ago

u didn't give any evidence of playing the game there. care to share some? oh don't have any? well that's ok, just scuttle away to that corner there and stay

FangBlade3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

God of War 3 puts every other action game to shame.
Including this.

HolyOrangeCows3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Riiiight, because you've played Castlevania:LoS.

What a dumb comparison. Just a few pictures thrown next to eachother. GamingBolt sucks.

Joule3139d ago

I dont think you've play GOW3 because FangBlade is not lying.PERIOD

HolyOrangeCows3139d ago

I've never played GOW3 because I called out Fang for judging an unreleased game?

Blaster_Master3139d ago

I cant wait for the 99 Knights comparisons. LOL! No game will ever match GOW3 until GOW4, or the XBOX720.

Montrealien3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

GoW 3 is one of best looking games this gen, it truly shows what the PS3 can do. I can't wait to have the quad layered Blu-ray discs, so we can have epic 40hr+ GoW3 type games.

solideagle13139d ago

shakes head in depression head down..... what happened to journalism.


Montrealien3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

You want good gaming journalism, here ya go.

You will never find this kind of stuff on N4G though, to much stuff to read for the kids that just want to see a fight here. N4G is more like a TMZ or any other Tabloid site, this place is not about news, its about conflict.

meetajhu3139d ago

The first image itself puts Castlevania to shame

Anon73493139d ago

Doesn't put bayonetta to shame.

Bayonetta has the best combat system in the genre, and has a lot more reply value, sure GoW3 does everything else better like Graphics, Attractive Women, QTEs (Even though I hate them in both games), Story, ect

But GoW3 isn't super unbeatable giant "you guys" make it out to be.

Boody-Bandit3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

to visit N4G just one day and not see some silly comparison article. Especially one comparing a title to another that is yet to be released. They always end poorly. Why not wait for games to be released before comparing them? Are all sites this desperate for hits these days?

@above Anon
The only thing Bayonetta has going for it is it's combat engine. Everything else about the game is subpar, especially the elevator music. The story, voice acting and some of the levels were all just okay at best. I thought the voice acting was horrible. GOW 3 is the complete package. I enjoyed Bayonetta but I love GOW3.

Christopher3139d ago

Next week, Uncharted 2 vs. Crackdown 2.

Because comparing screenshots says everything about a game, especially when they're from completely unrelated games utilizing technology in vastly different methods!

shadow27973139d ago

Castlevania looks good in all but the first screen. Color me impressed.

WildArmed3139d ago

GoW3 was probably the best H&S i've played to date.

Unless you consider Demons Souls H&S.. then sorry Kratos. Take it up w/ my lv700 character lol

beardpapa3139d ago

Funny how "journalism" this generation has to compare almost every big game to a Sony game.

Syronicus3139d ago

In every comparison we see:

"Obligatory game name" compared to Killzone 2

"Obligatory game name" compared to God of War III

"Obligatory game name" compared to Uncharted 2

You never quite see anybody comparing games to Xbox 360 exclusives. Occasionally you see the Crysis versus reviews but in nearly every case it seems that the PS3 has set the benchmark for graphics every time.

DaTruth3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I think Kratos is the best character model in any game on any system anywhere! Many parts blew me away and I thought for sure they were the pre-rendered stuff we heard about and they were using it more than they let on. Then I saw a Siren I didn't bother to kill, lurking in the background! Wow!!!

Kratos is just the most human looking character I have ever seen in a game! When I saw that dude in the Crysis 2 footage, he was very sub-par compared to Kratos!(Not the suit dude but the regular army dude)

The game just needs better hair! But the technology for really good hair doesn't exist yet as shown by FF13. FF13 had great hair, but it looked nothing like real hair.

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GUCommander3139d ago

I'm very impressed with how well Castlevania stands up to GOW3. GOW3 is clearly crisper and detailed, but holding every game to GOW3's standards is a bit unfair.

mjolliffe3139d ago

You can't tell anyway, because Castlevania isn't a finished project yet...

And it's not going to beat GOW 3 anyway

Ju3139d ago

I agree. Shots look impressive. If that game is behind, than not by much, I must say. I think GoW3 has a slight edge, just an opinion, though. I'm curious to see it on the TV screen soon.

Flanders3139d ago

"I think GoW3 has a slight edge"



TheHater3139d ago

This stupid site post nothing but flame-bait comparison and no real news. Isn't this suppose to be a website for gaming news and not a website for stupid comparison?

Agree if you want this website banned
Disagree if you want them to keep flooding N4G with stupid comparison.

Icyhot3139d ago

Tell me where to sign and I am up for it. This site and Gamesthirst come up with the most retarded comparisons only throwing fuel to the fire. Good news doesn't even get approved and people approve this crap which reaches 1000 Degree.

MexicanAppleThief3139d ago

I would'nt blame it just on the site. I mean the contributor and the approvers have some part to play in this. There need to be better quality control on this site, 99% of news here is just flamebait.

3139d ago