GameOn: Prison Break: The Conspiracy PS3 Review

GameOn writes: "Oh dear, for some strange reason any game that has been released which incorporates parts of a Movie or a TV show seem to be rubbish. Now I don't mean to tarnish the name of TV or Movie tie in games but if you look over the list of these offenders, you really can start to see a pattern. The latest 24 game, the Lost game, all of the CSI games, Avatar the game, all great in their native format, but all of them are rubbish games. I could go on but I'll refrain from doing so, but I think am making my point here all of these games were rubbish, so will Prison Break finally buck the trend and allow us to finally have a good tie in game? No it doesn't and damn its almost as worst as the rest of them."

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Dellis3110d ago

This type of software is not made for gamers, specially hardcore gamers

this is made for the fans of the series to keep next to their collection

boxset of the series. This is what you call a budget game, 29.99 now

few months from now it will be 19.99 and soon after that disappears

from retail stores.