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Alan Baxter from has listed 5 features that he would like to see included in Microsoft's next console. Check out the article for an interesting read and leave a comment to let us know if you agree with Alan's thoughts and what you would like to see in the next Xbox.

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Otheros003112d ago

if it is higher than that it is not worth having a third gen for xbox.

#7 create your own IPs instead of bribing and stealing.

#8 no more propriety accessories, hard drives

#9 innovate or enhance ideas, features, gameplay from others instead of copying and pasting

PlainOldGamer3112d ago

So in other words...A PS3? lol

EvilBlackCat3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

what i want is this:

poor Blu Ray his days are count

Just imaging the NEXT GEN in one of this 300gb discs!! NO EXCUSES

Syronicus3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

In a troll world, comments like that would be perfectly acceptable but here, they are rarely accepted. I however have to admit, I agree with your statement 100%. The 360 is this generations biggest blunder in terms of hardware and hopefully MS has seen the light and will no longer try shoving their prick up our rears next gen with their pathetic excuse for a console.

And for the record, I was a huge Xbox fan and was able to forgive the small "power cable" issue with the big black beast. But the 360, after 5 of them turds, I have become a hater. There is still hope though and MS can still redeem themselves to the public. They could have sold so many more consoles if they had pulled their heads out of their butts so much earlier on.

Lacarious3111d ago

then and only then will i think about getting an xbox. ms has jacked gamers this gen... and now we learned taht halo 2 and 3 really was what we all thought... one game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

i look forward to the death of the XBox.

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NateNater3112d ago

What's really funny is that PS3 already has these features :P

The BS Police3112d ago

Yes I agree with the point of Bluray, but seriously I don't care about 3D in the sense of having to wear retarded 3D glasses.

Instead they should have added the obvious like full backwards compatibility with all Xbox 360 games including Arcade games without the need of emulation software.

ASSASSYN 36o3112d ago

I agree. 3d is a fad to me. It will pass... again. New for gaming but I don't see myself playing a game for hours with a potential headache.

Anon19743112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

3D is a fad? Ok, poke out one of your eyes.

Full color 3D is the holy grail of gaming and movies. There hasn't been a bigger visual leap since we moved from black and white to color, and the prospect of 3D gaming wasn't one I even thought I'd see in my lifetime.

The idea that 3d is a fad that'll pass is laughable. It is the very evolution of media and will only get better from here. If you think it's a fad then I'd love to hear what you think is the next big leap in visual media that's more important then being able to view our media in 3D just like we see the world around us.

The BS Police3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Virtual reality is the next big leap.

3D is indeed a gimmick, the film industry has been trying to make it a standard for over 50 years.

Software_Lover3111d ago

Are you young? 3d was around before the original playstation, LOL. And guess didn't have to buy some fancy television either. They are just using tech craze to get people up in a frenzy about it. Labeling it as the next big leap/evolution in television. Old.

Now they would make me take a second look if every television or pc monitor didn't require glasses. Then it would be a leap.

ASSASSYN 36o3111d ago

Dark you are obviously a child or oblivious to the history of 3D. So STFU when grown folks are talking.

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AliTheBrit193112d ago

Better quality of parts used in your Hardware Microsoft!

This should be a top priority.

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