OXCGN's Bad Company 2 Second Look Review


"Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the latest installment of DICE's Battlefield series, and a direct sequel to… you guessed it, Bad Company. Since 2002 with the release of Battlefield 1942 on the PC, the franchise has revolutionized multiplayer gaming with the addition of progressive stat tracking and large-scale battles occurring simultaneously on land, air and sea."

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BadCircuit3139d ago

To me all the modern shooters look the same so I don't really know the difference between them.

xabmol3139d ago

You need your eyes checked, Mang!

gaminoz3139d ago

This one has more destructible environments...

DelbertGrady3139d ago

This one has the most immersive and balanced multiplayer to ever grace consoles. The sound effects, the squad tactics, the vehicles, the map design, the weapons, the features. It's all close to perfect.

sak5003139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

For GOD's sake did you not witness the lag free online, destructable environment, huge MP maps, no NOOB perks or kill streaks, not getting d/c 80% of the time playing MP online?

Edit: This game has spoiled me. I can continue to play online MP element straight up for hours with no worries about getting diconnected or host change, lag when host is not a good one, or being dropped out to the menu etc.

cheese3139d ago

One requires absolute teamwork and full comprehension of its classes and the other requires you to find a place to camp and wait for numskulls to run by.

ThanatosDMC3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Teamwork??? There's no teamwork on this game. It's a camp fest. Though i do love putting mines on the other team's spawn and also use the anti-tank launcher on their base.

I just wish we could still commit suicide by attaching C4 on the vehicle for tank ramming. Motion detector should have stayed attached to the body rather than having to throw it like a grenade.

I hate that i cant go prone. I love destroying the buildings but i wish i could destroy those damn trees!

If y'all think BC2 is better than MW2... then MAG is absolutely better than both. MAG is infantry combat and getting the knife upgrades will usually save you more than once during extreme close quarters fighting.

jjohan353138d ago

When I'm in a full squad with mics who work together, we usually dominate. I do miss some of the larger multiplayer maps from Bad Company 1. They need to implement some metropolitan urban warfare maps into the game.

Trees can be shot down with machine guns. Tank ramming with C4 still works on the PS3.

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Belgavion3139d ago

This one has maps coming that don't cost a week's pocket money

XboxOZ3603139d ago

Perhaps Infinity Ward could learn a few tricks from DICE??

They could use some help right about now . . . .

Urmomlol3138d ago

BC2 > MW2

Any day. Every day.

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