"A Crack In Time" Closing In On 1 Million Sold

PlayStrum writes: "Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, the latest in the line of Insomniac Games' massive franchise, is mere weeks away from reaching 1,000,000 copies sold since its release on October 27th, 2009. This title's cross into the 7-digit numbers will ultimately mark all major Ratchet & Clank games to have sold over 1,000,000 since its debut back in 2002."

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NateNater3113d ago

Great news for a great game :)

Tony-A3113d ago

I have yet to buy the game because I was gonna spend $60 on Assassin's Creed 2 and inFamous (Gamestop had a half-off sale), but when I went there today, all they had left was 360 and DS games for half-off!

Luckily inFamous is $30 normally, so I might get that and Saints Row 2 (I've been craving it).

solideagle13113d ago

i dont like the way Sony treat Insomniac games. they dont advertise or promote like u say uncharted/killzone levels they should do justice with insomniac games as well.


captain-obvious3113d ago

i dont know about you guys but i never got me a Ratchet & Clank game
maybe played it once

but i think this game would be great with MP
this is just me

and im really thinking about getting this game

moegooner883113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

i bought the game yesterday, but when i started playing(on HD) i noticed something wrong wz the graphics, i am not really sure how 2 describe it, but it seems that the graphix and details aren't polished as if z game is still in beta phase(Especially in the parts where u play as Clank.Is it just my copy or what?

Edit: For those disagreeing with me,I am not fvcking trolling, so either answer or move along !!

matnum3113d ago

posible troll, however they don't do it as much as they are not a first party studio and Sonys priorities are ellsware

pantatkaula3113d ago

Im blaming myself for not picking up this game.. so much game.. so little time and money..

Pedobear Rocks3113d ago

Although I think the Ratchet games look great in HD, Insomniac has said that the graphics are simplified to some extent in order to get that silky smooth 60fps action.

Insomniac wrote about this on their blog:


Boody-Bandit3113d ago

It was the first game I ever enjoyed enough to go for Platinum and I got it. I enjoyed it so much that I beat it again from start to finish even after I unlocked my platinum trophy.

Ratchet and Clank games are far and away my favorite platform title. It's a shame Insomniac don't hit higher numbers. People are really missing out not playing this series.

yoshiroaka3113d ago


I know what you mean.
Ive played all the ratchet and clanks even the psp one and honestly when the first stage with ratchet started in the jungle after the crash i was kind of surprised. The grass looked blurry and the level on the whole looked a little off. I was plating on a 1080p monitor tho and ive heard it looks better on a screen with a native 720p res.

Eventually i got used to the look and i didnt notice it anymore but yea i think the first Rathet and clank future looked better.

kneon3112d ago

I had every intention of buying this game until I played the demo, but after trying it I just couldn't get into the game.

moegooner883112d ago

Couldn't agree more, thanks 4 the answer and + bubbles.

NateNater3112d ago

Well what are you waiting for!? Go out there and try it! It won't disappoint you :)

StanLee3112d ago

Ratchet and Clank doesn't get the credit it deserves for being one of the best franchises on the PlayStation brand. My absolute favorite games on the PS3.

MazzingerZ3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I respect your opinion although I really don't understand people...PS3 launched with an Insomiac game (RFOM), then during E3 when they demoed R2 Tretton introduced Insomiac as an amazing studio that ALWAYS delivers in time high quality products

I think people mix stuff up, that there are NOTt tons of news articles about Insomiac everywhere on internet is not SONY's fault but gamers (and the media) themeselves have to blame...that 10 news articles of different parts of the same interview with Infinity Ward, Molyneux, Epic, Guerriga G, Naughty Dog, David Cage, etc, etc are published on a site, it does mean that SONY doesn't promote R&C less but that R&C is not that type of game people can use in console wars...if MSFT would release a platformer the same year R&C is coming out, we would see tons of news articles about R&C guaranteed

anyone active on the PS Blog knows that Jeff R. gave lot of space to Insomiac to promote R&C, they even had a contest for the community reg. weapon design and several interviews

You got a "Only does crazy weapons" commercial for the game with Kevin B. as well and the new letters you get via email the game was also promoted.

Now I'm just looking forward to E3 to see what Insomiac has to announce, don't care if it's multiplatform, those guys are good.

For those active in the PS blog,

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I'm sorry, this game hasn't reached a million??
WHAT THE?! This was one of my favorite games last year! This is ridiculous!

EDIT: Vgchartz? I don't think I trust the numbers here, because VGchartz tends to stop following numbers on games when they stop being a hot topic.

badz1493112d ago

why won't you buy this game? it's truly a great game! there's no better platformer than this! for those new to the series, my advice is GO BUY THE GAME! it's looking great and it's FUN!

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LordMarius3113d ago

Hopefully insomniac sees this as a sign to move on(which things are pointing that they are)

1 million after 7 months with advertisement = fail

Michael-Jackson3113d ago

Agree but I'm sure they are using lame ass VGchartz numbers.

cayal3113d ago

"1 million after 7 months with advertisement = fail"


All Ratchet games have been like this. They sell. That's a fact.

TOO PAWNED3113d ago

1 million is low compared to how good that game is. My 4th place favorite from 2009, after Uncharted 2, Batman and Infamous. I played every big game in 09 so i don't think i am biased.
Maybe people don't want platformers anymore, dunno but it deserves at least double. On other hand they are probably using VGJOKE as source so that number is questionable. Stevenson said that it was fastest selling ratchet game.

sikbeta3113d ago

OMG...OMG.... da salez

Why the Devs Try to make a Great Game like Ratchet, not make any sense even if the Game is Awesome, you know what they have to do, SHOOTERS, FPS Games all over the Place, With Average Space-Marines, forget about a good and Fun Story make a Game about an Anabolic-space-marine-dude fighting against da Aliens, a SP campaign about 3 or 4 hours and da multiplayerz + da on-linez, so after that we can Focus on DA SALEZ of the Game instead of the Game itself and Whine at Sony for Da Crozz Gamez Chatz


The Game is Awesome, you don't like it, that's OK, but People still enjoying the Series, it's not like they Only Made Ratchet Games and will "milk" the franchise for ever...

NateNater3112d ago

Why does it matter how long it takes to get there? A million is still a million even if its a while after its release.

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TheHater3113d ago

My anti-spyware protection software just went crazy when I click the link.

jagstatboy3113d ago

Mine did too! I got 2 notifications from Norton saying an attack was stopped! WTH.

ThanatosDMC3112d ago

Yeah, AVG blocked it for me.

SlaughterMeister3113d ago

EASY Platinum. If you're a Trophy whore, get on this game right away.

Meryl3113d ago

lol the only thing stopping me platinuming it is that arcade game, do you have to score all those points on one session, or is it just an accumulation??

TOO PAWNED3113d ago


its not that hard, i did it in 4th try. Check out some youtube vids if you need help but its not hard

SlaughterMeister3112d ago

Get a friend to play it with, that arcade mode is 2-player. It's much easier when you have someone else there, because your points are combined.

Ravage273113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

and i enjoyed it more than ToD. Another great title from Insomniac that really deserves to sell more