Eye-Life: Are Achievements Bad for Gamers?

Progression is a normal part of technology, and as gamers people are readily able to see progression in not only how the games they play look, but also in how they play them. Like the evolutionary path of a humble creature without legs crawling onto land and eventually evolving into man, so has gaming evolved from the early days of one joystick and a black and white game of Pong to the immersive 3D experiences that they enjoy today.

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Foxgod3209d ago

I completely ignore that crap.
Achievements and trophy's are often so ridiculous to get, that they promote obsessive behavior.

I want to play games to relax, not to freak out over stupid little tricks.

-Alpha3209d ago

You don't have to collect them, but it's fun to do so. Some people make childish excuses like "oh, go outside and get some air" (see article picture).

The fact of the matter is that nobody minds when gamers like to collect/go out of their way to do side missions in games like GTA, for example, because it's fun. Same for trophies and achievements. It adds a sense of pride to accomplishing goals. It's a rewarding experience and that's what games are meant to feel like. Microsoft was really smart in putting it on the 360 and the way I can compare and see my scores is really a nice touch.

NinjaSp33d3209d ago

makes games more fun if you ask me