Lady Gaga To Do A Cameo Appearance In Bodycount? Sure Says Stuart Black

The same way Lady Gaga is "Turning the pop world upside down", Stuart Black, creator of PS2/Xbox title Black and the creator of the impending title Bodycount, plan on doing the same in the FPS genre.

But what better way to top it off than having one of the studio's "maddest influences" make a cameo appearance in the game? No better way I reckon, Black feels the same

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-Alpha3113d ago

I hate Gaga. Songs are catchy, but severely overplayed to the point I want to smash my radio.

Nitrowolf23113d ago

blame the stations
really, do really they to put Justin Beiver after Every other F'n Song?

Hellsvacancy3112d ago

Hopefully u can gun the biatch down!!!

SpaceSquirrel3112d ago

Should be an interesting cameo.

skip2mylou3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

man sh!t id rather shoot the hell outta justin biebers "Gangsta" as$ than anything. fuking canada and their gay justin bieber

also fuk anyone who like a preteen looser bag who loves/likes justin bieber


to make them even more angry justin bieber is going to die of heroin od and everyones going to laugh at his dead corpse

Government Cheese3112d ago

Gaga is trash and so are the 40 year old men who write her lyrics and create the music to her songs.

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago

When they drop, Justin Beiber is screwed.

BYE3112d ago

One more reason to look forward to it.

iceman29293112d ago

Actually , if there is one thing Lady Gaga does it's that she writes her own songs and music. She is actually a very talented artist, check out some of her acoustic stuff / pre-gaga videos. (she used to look like a grungy punk a while back)

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LordMarius3112d ago

Gaga FTW!
I might now buy this game

Got2bemad2behere3112d ago

If this really happens I won't buy the game just from the principle.

Adexus3112d ago

I'm with you on that one.

Noctis3112d ago

might as well put in some Justin Bieber

FragMnTagM3112d ago

If you can shoot at him.

Hey Its Me Again3112d ago

Lady GaGa is awesome!

Anyone who disagrees must be one hell of a boring person.

ThatCanadianGuy3112d ago

Or, they simply do not like terrible music..

Xlll3112d ago

yes cuz not sharing your views makes others boring. To h3ll with this lame over produced biotch! :D i wanna cap that he/she manfreak in the head!

MorganX3112d ago

Actually she mostly produces herself. By the age of 22 she was one of the most sought after producers in the music industry. She is a musical prodigy who could play piano by ear at 4 and wrote her first piano ballad by 12. She was accepted early at NYU's prestigous Tisch School of Arts.

Don't hate the playa hate the game son.

Rucury3112d ago

If what you say is true, then why must all of the angsty teen girls at my school think she's their role-model?

If she is so talented, I would gladly listen to some of her piano work. None of this "Dance-Floor-Sex-I-Have-A -Penis-BS".

Also, her clothing makes me want to die.

FragMnTagM3112d ago

I'm happy for her and I'm a let you finish, but she is one of the worst pop artists of all time. Of all time.

Seriously, her music is absolutely repulsive. She should of stuck with her roots as I would respect her a lot more. Have you seen her music video about the telephone or whatever? That has got to be the worst music video of all time.

Was looking forward to this game a little bit, but now it is completely off my list if they go through with this.

Morgan, I hope you don't have a daughter. If you do, I really hope that you won't let her listen to this garbage of a singer. She is basically a whore recruiter. Along with those whore Bratz dolls. WTF is wrong with society nowadays?

iceman063112d ago

I won't disagree that she is a hell of a talent. However, the commercialism of the music industry has basically stripped her of any redemptive quality. She has been reduced to a poppy sensation...which equates to formulaic retreading and over-produced nonsense. As for sticking to roots, if that were to be the case, the music would probably be miles better...BUT we probably wouldn't be talking about her today. In today's music industry, no matter the genre, commercial music sells...all else fails (from a financial standpoint). Unfortunate for the truly talented artists...but a cold, hard fact of the industry.

MorganX3112d ago

You can say all of those things about any popular star. Hell, Hannah Montana took some pretty lewdish photos.

And what about the whole genre of Rap music. If parents are letting their kids get raised by music, TV, or video games, it's the parents' fault.

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