I Am A Satanic Occultist;This Industry Is Full Of Hate & Propaganda Against My Religon repond to the article "I Am A Christian; This Industry Don't Give A Crap About Me"

My name is Rob Bateman and yes, I'm a full-on demon worshipping satanic cult member, and I also happen to be one of the founding members of It's no secret that I love, and appreciate the art form that is video games. But something is definitely wrong with the direction the industry is carelessly racing in without anyone stopping to ponder how this might be affecting those of us within certain religous minorities and how we might be offended by what we see in video games every day.

Lets start with the game that set the downward trend into religous intolerance - Doom...

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"Be nice to the bad guys" is all I really gathered from this.

DannyVenom3113d ago

Here we go again, why are we getting labeled as 'the bad guys'? There is a serious issue of double standards here.

Tony P3113d ago

I admit. I laughed.

Funny parodies are funny.

Timesplitter143113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a good article on N4G.

I just hope you guys understood what the author was trying to say. It's a perfect response to the christian article.

Rocket Sauce3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I dunno, Christians have got it rough...

Therealspy033113d ago

not sure who would disagree with you, Timesplitter. maybe they didn't get that this is a response article despite the very first sentence.

HolyOrangeCows3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

"Why are we always the bad guys" below the zombies is hilarious.

If the other article was "I think there should be the option to censor language and nudity in games" instead of "I'm a christian, thus I think there should be the option to censor language and nudity in games", the article would have hit MAYBE 200 degrees and THIS article never would have existed.

Cerebellum3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Sarcasm aside, I want my 3 minutes back after reading this pure sh!t article. And to the idiot one or two above me, Christianity is under persecution and has been increasingly so, anyone who studies the Holy Bible and reads the book of Revelations can see that this is all expected, which is why us Christians aren't surprised by what we see or the harassment we experience.

Darkfocus3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I would have laughed even harder if they were serious.

Government Cheese3113d ago

Oh I get it, this is a response to the I am a Christian gamer thingy.

sikbeta3113d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Satanic? really? wow, you must feel a Real Man by being "satanic", right?

Whatever-Religion and satan-whatever got nothing to do with gaming, so, what's the point?

Lets just lave it at that, funny or not, people can feel offended by this article

Obama3112d ago

"Christianity is under persecution"

Well I am sure stopping priests from molesting little boys would solve the problem.

vickers5003112d ago


(my reaction to your comment)

But seriously, how do you think you are being harassed? Do you consider people making fun of religion on the internet persecution? You must have a very low tolerance for what you consider persecution. You want to compare your persecution to an atheist/agnostic? Ok. Are you constantly told that when you die, you will suffer and be tortured by all eternity while burning? No? Well how about having your kid (or you whenever you were young) being denied entrance into the scouts because of your beliefs?

No? Okay, well how about having your car windows smashed or tires slashed because you had an emblem proclaiming your belief that you felt proud to advertise? No? Hmmm, well how exactly have you been persecuted other than people making fun of your beliefs on the internet?

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Has there never been a doctor that committed murder?

003112d ago

that sounds like indoctrination to me, and believe you me I would know a thing or two about indoctrination.

Tachyon_Nova3112d ago

What are you talking about Obama, priests don't molest boys, they cure them of their sexual energy using the hand of God.

Sikbeta obviously didn't understand that the article was a joke, oh well, there are always some people who don't grasp sarcasm and ridicule, even in their most basic and obvious forms. One last thing Sikbeta, if you or anyone else religious is offended by that article, then they need to harden up. I simply can't comprehend how religous people can be offended by such simple things, but not bat an eyelid at the things written as commands from the almighty in the Bible, Koran, etc, which truly are horrific. Religion in all forms, quite frankly, is an offence to common sense, morality, the truth, and those who value world peace.

@ 1.15 - Exactly, religious people always moan and complain about being persecuted, they wouldn't know what the word meant if you printed it on their holy book and smacked them in the face with it, even though they dish it out daily, by abusing people who have different beliefs, or even those that don't follow theirs to the letter, and trying to scare and harrass people into 'fearing' a God who is apparently so loving.

Thankfully I don't live in America, because from what I hear of it, there are so many nutty, murderous, and just outright discusting religious people over there. Even so, it's not all smooth sailing over here in Australia either.

Obama3112d ago

"Exactly, religious people always moan and complain about being persecuted"

Kinda ironic right, when Christians have been prosecuting people through out the roman era/middle ages/today.

TheDeadMetalhead3112d ago

I don't know what's funnier: the article itself of the people on here taking it seriously. XD

Nicaragua3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Some of the reactions on here are a lot funnier than the article itself.

MmaFanQc3112d ago

Great article, i did a facepalm when i saw the "i am a christian...bla bla bla emo ray hit me"

ExgamerLegends23112d ago

Hm, I expected as much though. In todays society, asking for moral consideration is asking to be attacked by athiests. And the only arguments they seem to be able to produce are "Bu bu bu teh crusades", "Bu bu bu persecution" or "Bu bu bu you cant force your morals on me. (showing their lack of understanding about what the crusades were about, lack of knowledge about anti christian persecution and showing how illogical and inconsistent athiesm is) One can only hope these ppl will never hold high power in society.

Nicaragua3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

He's a satanist, not an atheist - and your showing your lack of understanding by not acknowleding his religon and simply branding him an atheist. The author believes in a god, it just happens to be the god of the fiery underworld.

And before you start preaching about people coming into power you should cast your mind back to the the bible bashing prat that was George W Bush - look what his wholesome Christian values did for America.

ExgamerLegends23112d ago

"He's a satanist, not an atheist"

I wasnt referring to the author. And I wasnt talking to you. That comment was directed at 00. Because your comment was misguided i'll choose not to fully address it, but i will warn you to pay attention to the context of a discussion before jumping head first into it. And read the Bible.

Raz3112d ago

Why is a skull wearing another skull as a pendant in that picture? I mean, it seems kind of redundant, doesn't it? Why would a dead guy wear another dead guy as a fashion accessory?

Now, if he was wearing the baby's head from the old PS3 commercial, THAT would creep me right the f*ck out - and it would actually make some kind of sense.

Viper73112d ago

Hm, I expected as much though. In todays society, asking for moral consideration is asking to be attacked by athiests. And the only arguments they seem to be able to produce are "Bu bu bu teh crusades", "Bu bu bu persecution" or "Bu bu bu you cant force your morals on me. (showing their lack of understanding about what the crusades were about, lack of knowledge about anti christian persecution and showing how illogical and inconsistent athiesm is) One can only hope these ppl will never hold high power in society.//

As Apatheist I can say that the arguments made by theists and atheist are mostly poor fallacies with no actual facts backing up anything.

Atheist commonly use:
"there's no proof so it doesn't exist!"
Theist commonly use:
"Because we can't explain it it must be done by god!"

Both are close minded arguments which can also be considered as fallacy. Ignoring millions of other possibility. But in the end if some1 want's to believe in fairies and faith brings him joy, why should we judge him/her? However using god or religion in argument or in rational discussions is one thing I can't simply stand.

Imo Religion should be taken as far away from science, laws and governmental choices as possible. It should be kept on the level of a "hobby" or interest.

Tachyon_Nova3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

@ 1.27 - You don't understand what you are talking about. Atheists don't say "there's no proof so it doesn't exist!", we say there is no evidence for gods existence, so we choose, as seems only logical to me, not to believe in a 'god', especially given that there is mountains and mountains of evidence supporting other theories of how the universe, and more recently, life, began.

Let me put it to you this way. I read this example in a book from Richard Dawkins, I'm not sure if he came up with it himself, I can't remember. In any case, he asks, if it is the commonly held belief that there is a teapot orbiting the Earth, that is too small for us to detect, would you believe it blindly? Hopefully, you wouldn't.

"But in the end if some1 want's to believe in fairies and faith brings him joy, why should we judge him/her?" - Um sorry, but you just judged both athesists and theists, calling them close minded. You see an inconsistency here? And in any case, if all that people did believe in are 'fairies' and the likes, then there would be no problem. But when you have millions of people in the Muslim world who actually believe they will go to heaven with more virgins than anyone could possibly need for killing unbelievers, then we have a pretty big problem on our hands, don't you think. Or are you so close minded that you think these people aren't actually doing what their religion tells them to do?

On a side note, aside from religious people, who are obviously closed minded, agnostics are also closed minded, for believing that there is an even chance that god does and doesn't exist. Sure, we can't prove that god doesn't exist, after all, how do you prove that something that doesn't exist? But we can look at the evidence and make an informed decision as to whether a god does or doesn't existm and currently, the evidence is stacked 100% in favour of atheists.

ExgamerLegends23112d ago

Thank you for proving my point.

Apatheists are no different than Atheists. Surely if you do not care whether there is a God or not you wouldnt be here on this thread. The case for Theism isnt "we cant explain it so it must be god." In a nutshell it's more like, "it cant happen naturally so it must happen supernaturally. And this is based off studies we can explain.

Theism is the only logical belief because there is a basis for morality. An atheist has no basis for morality or logic. Some might argue a God is not needed for morality or logic but that would be like arguing that there is no air. The fact that you can even form words to make your argument proves that there IS air.

Nicaragua3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

"Theism is the only logical belief because there is a basis for morality. An atheist has no basis for morality or logic"

You have got to be kidding me ! People dont need religon to tell them what is moraly right or wrong - its called decency and common sense.

If you only do things that you think are right because you think God is watching you and will punish or reward you then thats not being morale at all - its simply sucking up to your deity of choice.

Secondly there have been horrific atrocities commited in the name of all the major religons whereas there has never been any similar act commited in the name of atheism. Religon is only good at being "morale" within its own religon.

ExgamerLegends23112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

If there is no God then man is the highest power, meaning that man decides right and wrong for ourselves. Whats right for you isnt right for everyone so you cant say that anything is wrong (including rape, murder, or theft.) You bash religion for mass murder? I ask you to tell me why murder is wrong. And atheists are responsble for Columbine.

n4f3112d ago

''Secondly there have been horrific atrocities commited in the name of all the major religons whereas there has never been any similar act commited in the name of atheism.''
like what slavery?, white man when to america to be accept by Amerindian than being prosecuted by them. white man killed them than makes them slave but they were not strong enough so they started dying.
what are saying it religion that cause them to do that? thats a lame excuse

later black people being slave. again are you saying religion make you do that?

WWI, WWII, gulf war and all that religion again?

Hiroshima bombing is religion too?

genocide in africa was religion too

Hitler kill jew, religion too? even if he was worshiping the occult?

are you people really being serious about blaming religion for every major thing ?

DaTruth3112d ago

Number one Atheist argument: I am a nerd and have never gotten laid. This sucks, there is no God!!!

Scotracer3112d ago

You MUST be joking by linking to's one of the most ridiculous apologetics websites out there.

You claim: "it cant happen naturally so it must happen supernaturally. And this is based off studies we can explain."

Name ONE, JUST ONE verified instance of the supernatural being a legitimate explanation for anything. The problem with supernatural explanations is that they AREN'T EXPLANATIONS - they are appeals to ignorance in their simplest form. Just look at the history of science: First we had various gods being the "explanation" for the structure of our planet...then we developed proper geology, gravity and thermodynamics to explain how our planet formed. Then we had the "explanation" of life being magically (AND YES IT IS MAGIC) 'created'...then we discovered modern biology with evolutionary theory. There goes ANOTHER magic explanation. Just about every "supernatural" cause ever posited has been disproved and the rest will, pretty much guaranteed, follow suit in the future.

Supernatural causes only highlight the ignorance of humanity and an unwillingness to actually LEARN.

FragMnTagM3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Care to explain to me and my wife why we have two kids together? From a very young age I knew religion was bullsh!t. I have been without religion for many years now.

@ExGamerLegend: It is really funny to see people preaching about not having any morals as an atheist. Over the years I have seen many churchgoing people go in and out of jail, take hard drugs, and do all kinds of atrocious things that religious people should not be doing. But they think it is ok because they repent on Sundays.

I on the other hand have not done any of those things, yet I am an atheist. Care to explain how? Society as a whole determines morality, not some silly sky fairy.

ExgamerLegends23112d ago


I noticed that instead of answering the article, you bash it. A common atheist defense mechanism. Science has confirmed God's hand in the creation of the world as seen by the amazing complexity, design and order in the universe that can only be the product of a brilliant mind, not random chance. Evolution theorists have not once made life in a lab after 150 years. Thats because its not possible. I dont know where your info comes from but i suggest you open a science book. And the Bible.


I never said atheists dont have morals. I said they dont have a basis for morals. You can yap all day about killing is wrong but you cant tell me why. You have no reason to say anything is morally wrong. Atheists have no way to determine such things as Christians do. The fact that there are morals proves God. Go to the link I posted for better explanation.

White-Sharingan3112d ago

@ExgamerLegends2 -

Fanatics like you give me such a laugh, you preach on how God is real like if everyone should believe that bullcrap. You know why religion was born and why your religious? because people are scared as to what will happen after they die, they can't accept the fact that maybe you'll die and thats it, nothing else happens. Religion just finds a way for us to be immortal, out of fear.

About the air comment, we know air does exist wtf, we have experimented and seen how atoms behave. Just face it, the bible was created by man, ot by god.

YEs you are right, what I believe whats right can be different from what you believe, but thats what laws are for. While your growing up, you get taught about laws, and with that you are shown what is right and wrong in that specific country. You may say that's putting beliefs in people's mind, but that's how christians do it as well, putting the ten commandments in little kid's mind.

Fact is, christians put everything they cannot understand in a "god pile", kinda sad actually, so many brilliant minds who could discover those mysteries, wasted.

MEsoJD3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

both are the same to me. Willing to shove their B.S. down your throat.

I died before. The truth is when you die you are greeted by the all knowing Unicorn KOZON. He had a beard and was white with greenish tint if you look real close. Anyway he told me the true about the universe. That all religions were wrong and we were just suppose to live life for the hell of it. We watched t.v. on his couch drinking some blue moons. We banged some chicks, got high, etc... God good times. Anyway he said that everyone had their own special Unicorn and it wasn't my time to go.

strongbad14413112d ago

Seriously dude, just calm down. Whether someone is Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, or any other religion, they don't use this forum to spread or, in your case, force their beliefs on other people. It's News For Gamers, not News For Evangelists. Sure, Atheists may be responsible for Columbine, but radical Muslims were responsible for 9/11. Your logic is equivalent to saying that because one Priest has molested a child, then all child molestations are the fault of Priests. That's not how it works.

He never said that all bad things were due to religion. Though how you determined that Hitler's genocide of Jewish people wasn't religiously tied, I'll never understand. Believe it or not, much violence has come in this world from religious intolerance.

ZombieNinjaPanda3112d ago


I have never seen such a close-minded individual such as yourself. If you really want to provide arguments and facts, stop quoting a religious site that is going to support you in your arguments. That would be like me finding a bunch of Atheists and asking them to support me in disproving God. It doesn't work like that.

So please kindly take your fail and gtfo.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3112d ago


Do you want to know why ppl reject God? Its because they know they'll be judged and prolly wont like the outcome. See how easy it is to just pull a theory out yer butt? Like I said before, you have no basis for your belief. And I know we know there is air. You misinterpreted the purpose of the analogy. And about your "laws" statement. How do you determine what are good laws and bad laws. As I said, atheists have no basis for things like that. If you can tell me why something is bad then Atheism is logical, but you cant.


Religion is the topic of this thread. If you dont to discuss it you may leave. And you misunderstand the Columbine statement. Nic said that atheists have never committed mass murder. I was simply proving him wrong. I didnt say that makes all atheists evil. Fact is weve all fallen short of God's glory. And Hitler was motivated by a belief that evolution made certain races inferior as well as a "redesigned Jesus theory" so to speak. The point is atheism is illogical because.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

So what youre asking me to do is get an atheist to help me prove God???

take your fail and get out.

benny o klaatt3112d ago

i see what you did there :)

ZombieNinjaPanda3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )


Again, showing off your complete ignorance. Try to find some scientific sites to help you prove everything.

Something with evidence, because last time I checked, some dumbass bastrd on a primarily religious site does not truly help your arguments, it falsely supports them.

Again, either find something with real evidence, other than a site called "ANSWERSINGENESIS" (seriously can we get a little more biased sites pl0x?) or GTFO.


OH yeah and way to be completely hypocritical. You're saying atheists go around simply bashing religions, how come I see you doing the same? You're not arguing, you're not even basing your arguments on anything, you're just finding a way to flame everything in your path that doesn't agree with you.

edit2: Also explain to me how you managed to get more posts.

xTruthx3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I really don't know wth some people in here are talking about because Christianity and the big bang theory have loopholes, so Tachyon_Nova it seems to me your one that needs to read the bible because that has a lot of facts that have happen. Both have their proofs and loops wholes, none have more than the other, thats y they have stayed strong in the society . Christians and atheist and w/e religion are not the problem, the problem are the ones who are fanatics and take it to another level. Those are the ones who ruin the image of their religion and then people label them bad because of what that fanatic did. Saw some 1 say 9/11 was cause because of the radical Muslims, yah and ? you think radical Muslims are the ones possible for all cruel acts ?
We are all human, we have are defects. Thats y it will never mater in what religion or belief you are, their will be always one person that will ruin the image of them.

edit: Below to Obama
In a way they do, in the time we live in you just have to see how fudged up the world is. You don't have to be Christians to have god morals the thing is. In Christian homes(normal ones, because some people say their Christians but they aren't) morals are teach'd by parents almost everyday, I know that because I grew up in a Christian home and I see how many people where very different than me when I was in school. We don't live in the 60's or 80's anymore where there where more decent people. We are in a time where we really need to push morals to kids. We just have to watch the news and see a kid who suicided because kids made fun or him or he didn't get the present he wanted for Christmas.

Obama3112d ago

ExgamerLegends2, so Christians have a higher moral? Well I guess that's why moral leader the pope is shielding the pedophile priest from persecution.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

hmm i was sure telling you to get out would make you get out 0_0.

Anyway, there are a couple things wrong with your comment.
1.) AiG is an apologetics website. I cited there article about religion, not science as this is a religious discussion. If you want to discuss science you'll have to wait for the proper thread.

2.) There is no such thing as non biased.

Its a simple request really. Why is killing wrong? Isnt there 1 atheist who can answer me? No? Well if you cant of course this means you have no basis for morality. Yet you all seem to be moral. I wonder where this inate knowlege of morality comes from. As a Christian, I know :)

edit response: Are you saying atheism is a religion? *gasp*

@Obama: I'm saying Christians have a basis for morals. And I don't comment on Catholic pedophelia. I'm not Catholic i'm Christian.

Nicaragua3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

dude, your an idiot.

I didnt say that atheists have never done anything wrong. What i said is that nothing wrong has ever been done IN THE NAME of atheism. Horrific atrocitoes have committed IN THE NAME of christianity, Islam, Judaism etc but nothing of the same scale has been done for the reason that people dont believe in God.

Crusades - religon
9/11 - religon
Conflict in Ireland - religon
Conflict in Gaza Strip - religon
Holocaust - religon

Name me one conflict or atrocitie that was done in the name of not believing in a deity ?

maybe if you spent more time reading things properly before opening your mounth then you wouldnt believe in such nonsense in the first place.

"without religon good people will do good things and bad people will do bad things, but with religon good people will do bad things"

Cock4Gamers3112d ago

Why are all of you people bashing each other's beliefs when the article isn't even being serious. OHHH SCREW GODDD OHHH FUDGE EVOLUTION! Stfu and read the article >_>

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3112d ago

I thought you werent coming back lol

Anywho you did say that atheists never committed mass murder and that is a lie. I gaurantee you abortion accounts for more deaths than all that crap you listed. But you miss the point. Why do you consider the Crusades atrocious? Cuz of all the death? Why is killing in the name of God wrong? Wy is killing wrong period? These are thing s you believe are wrong yet you havent given me a reason why. This is why atheism is illogical. There is no basis for morality in atheism yet you clearly have morals. I just want you to see that morality doesnt just happen to ppl. They are born with. And thats not something that is passed down through Dna. Its God given. You cant tell me why killing is wrong because youre leaving out the 1 thing that makes knowledge of that possible.

I think you all will be glad to know I'm done here. But think about it.

Consoldtobots3112d ago

"Christianity is under persecution"

"Well I am sure stopping priests from molesting little boys would solve the problem."

except for one little fact, the catholic never has been or ever will be Christian. It is a pagan religion that began in ancient Babylon where they used to sacrifice infants to the sun god Baal, but of course murder is illegal nowadays so they do the next best thing.

White-Sharingan3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

@ExgamerLegends- your a fool, you say we are born with morals because it is god given. That is not true, you are born with a brain that is a clean slate. As you age, you are taught the ways of that country and their beliefs, its not something your born with. If you raise a child to kill, HE WILL KILL, and that will be normal for them. If you raise a child to be good, he will be good, but of course that doesn't mean it'll be 100% effective because this world is never 100% sure.

So god has given bad morals to those muslim people who would kill themselves to kill a bunch of people so they can go to heaven? seriously?

Who decided was moral? humans did. When humans started thinking of ways of progressing the economy in their respective countries, they thought of great laws to make it progress. What would a country be if everyone were killing themselves and stealing? its pretty obvious that by more people you have, and less stealing, the more the economy progresses. Why are the ten commandments usually useless? because although I do not kill or steal, I have coveted, I don't give a rats ass about the sabbath, I don't praise any god whatsoever, etc.. and guess what? I don't feel bad about it.

PS: Im glad you feel fine knowing that europeans used to kill anyone who didn't believe in christianity, especially the indigenous people of the Americas, you must feel proud.

bjornbear3112d ago


moral is actually scientific

morals if dissected break into small orders that work towards human survival

here's a video on it:

basically morals are logical

its inefficient for you to kill another human with no reason, because it is a risk you do not need to take

when it happens, there's usually some malfunction (psychosis, paranoid schizophrenic, etc)

this applies to everything really

marriage was devised to keep families organized and to define and control power/land/money etc...

stealing is also a high risk action, not only to you but to others

you have the chance to steal $100 from your friend that's completely broke with no risk of getting caught.

morally, you don't do it because its your friend, and he is broke and needs that money

scientifically however, those two factors also make sense

if he is your friend, and you do such an action, you are inadvertently effecting his life in a negative way, and being your friend, this will have an effect on you (unless you stop seeing him, but then he isn't really your "friend" is he =P)

there's always a reason for everything we do

morals just outlined the logical steps for survival clearly so no one would have doubts

but whats the point? christianity and religion creates morals? tell that to 200 deaf kids...

"morals" (basic survival laws of a community) are inherent in man, just not all man follows them.

thats the scientific approach. if you want to take the sensationalist fantasy approach, be my guests.

ZombieNinjaPanda3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )


Did he say you are born with morals? Is he that much of an incompetent ignorant person?

You aren't born with morals, they are taught. Human children are the least able of all mammals. They aren't born with anything, we need to be taught how to eat, how to walk, how to talk, how to interact, and how to think.

And morals are something you learn from your parents and your community. Why do you think some of the crime/etc etc goes on in our world? Because the morals they were RAISED with weren't the same as the morals YOU were RAISED with.

Arguing with this person is getting us nowhere.

Edit: Oh yes, why is killing wrong? Because it's taking the life of another.

Tell me, why do you think killing is wrong Exgamerlegend? Because some invisible being came to you in your sleep when you were 2 and told you it's wrong?

Tell me, do you remember when you were 1 or 2? What were you thinking? Was some invisible guy telling you about life in your brain? Or were your parents teaching you? Explain this to me.

xTruthx3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Yeah bjornbear , thats y the world keeps getting better & better, younger woman keep getting pregnant, more suicides and etc everyday...s/

ZombieNinjaPanda3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Wow my comments have been full of such flames.


Those are the people who lack morals, who obviously weren't brought up with them, who sucumbed to those people who had no morals before them and went in their direction.

If morals are taught by God, why is it that so many wrong acts are being done by church goers and religious people? Morals are taught by parents and the community, and it's up to the people who are taught to stick by those morals.

xTruthx3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

thats y i said on my other post that the fanatics are the ones ruining the image of certain religions. As I said, you don't need to be Christian to teach morals. Like I said on my other post too, we are human and we have our defects, it doesn't matter in what religion you are or what is your believe, there will always be one to make a bad image of it. BTW, Catholics aren't Christians, for some people who think they are.

HighDefinition3112d ago

Creating conflict between any two groups is the best way to surpress growth of both groups. Not believing in a certain religion it`s self has became a religion. All of these are the tools used to separate us to keep us distracted or distanced from the beauty of life. It`s sad to watch it unfold. Look at this for instance, this site we ALL enjoy gaming. But the whole 360 vs. PS3 keeps alot of people who have similar interests distanced. Everything I said previously is just this on a larger scale. Don`t me wrong sometimes its fun to make fun of another system/lifestyle, but some people take it to another level when it should just be left as fun.

Darkstorn3112d ago

Actually, the Israel-Palestinian conflict is not primarily about religion, it's an issue of human rights. Palestinians in Israel do not have the same rights as Jewish citizens of Israel, and Palestinians living in the West Bank (for example) are being pushed away from necessary waterways to make room for subsidized Israeli settlements.

This is not religious conflict, it is sickening imperialism.

bjornbear3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

watch the video.

i didn't say you are BORN with them, they are both a nature and nurture phenomenon

both factors can affect it, but you are born with the predisposition to act upon survival instincts that do coincide with morals

next time read before you go laughing in your high chair

and once again, watch the video and zip it, its from TED, if you are all about the science, then i'd expect you to know what it is.

@ the truth

this doesn't apply to everyone, and people who suicide and commit murders usually have a higher chemical unbalance in their brain than average

those things don't "just" happen because people were taught to kill themselves or taught to kill others (although that can apply, it doesn't always)

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mal_tez923113d ago

It's parodying the stupid Xian article.

Mista T3113d ago

I thought this was gonna be a destructoid article :P

DarkBlood3113d ago

well lately with the articles going on i almost have a hard time telling if it was serious or not lol

LordMarius3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

oh my, did we really need this.
the 1st article wasn't worth any degrees and neither is this one.
people should really stop hanging around N4G to find ideas for lame hit attempts