X360A: Crysis 2 First Impressions

X360A writes: "I made a conscious decision in around June 2005 that I would part ways with my PC gaming roots and make the unholy shift across to their upcoming brethren, the console. Working and gaming on the same rig was something that I just wasn't comfortable with. Forgive me for reusing this analogy, but it's true, it's like sleeping with your boss. Work and pleasure just don't mix... in my eyes anyway. Seeing as I rank the original Far Cry on PC as one of my favourite games of all time, it was promising news from a personal standpoint that its spiritual successor's sequel, Crysis 2, would be heading to consoles sometime in holiday 2010. Earlier on this week we headed across to the Big Apple itself to catch the console version of the title in action. 7,000 air miles later and I can safely say it was worth the trip."

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