Digital Foundry: Xbox 360 Storage Showdown: The Flash Factor

The Digital Foundry blog at Eurogamer takes a closer look at the USB storage update for Xbox 360:

"The objective here was to sample a range of compatible USB devices and to see what kind of performance we could get. We were interested in how much of a throughput deficit there would be up against the SATA interface of the Xbox 360 HDD, and whether the flash storage option was actually competitive. The results were hugely revealing."

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Bigpappy3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

But rather informative. The "16GB ByteStor Dataferry drive" performed just as well as installing to the internal drive. The SD cards performed like DVD's. SSD's and USB HDD's also performed well.

Hope that helps some of you.

andron3139d ago

Much too read, but if your interested in getting the most out of the new USB storage options this covers most of what anybody would want to know.

Concusion is that a 16 gig USB stick is your best price to performance option. Especially a 16GB flash drive with read speeds that exceed 16MB/s and write speeds faster than 8MB/s is the sweet spot apparently...

4Sh0w3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

There was alot of data thrown around but probably the most interesting news for the average consumer was stated very early on the first page:

"So how does it work? It's simple. Just plug in your USB flash device, go to the memory area of the dashboard, and from there you can either set-up the drive automatically or else configure how much space you'd like to make available to the Xbox 360. A minimum of 512MB is reserved for "system operations": this cuts heavily into 2GB and 4GB flash drives in particular. However, in the preferred 16GB device configuration, you're still left with 14.4GB of actual, usable space – that's clearly a step-up from the 12GB found on the original "20GB" 360 HDD. Curiously though, if you use a drive larger than 16GB, the 360 gives you the option of allocating the entire 16GB onto the drive: it just hoovers up its 512MB overhead from the remaining space."

So basicly a Arcade unit with a 16GB USB drive after set-up leaves you with 14.4GB of actual usable space which is MORE usable space than the original 20GB HDD 360's that left you with 12GB of usable space. This is definitely a step in the right direction by microsoft.