THQ & UFC Undisputed 2010 kick the sh*t out of OXCGN


"Last year's title, UFC Undisputed 2009, took a lot of people by surprise (myself included) leading me to boldly claim months before release that UFC 2009 KOs Fight Night.

To see the latest build of this year's title OXCGN took a trip to THQ for a little mano-a-mano (and pie-o-pie?) with fellow Aussie journalists. A couple of drinks down, a few practice rounds, some more "tasty beverages" and it was down to business."

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BadCircuit3112d ago

I have never played a boxing game so I can't tell how good it is but the game does sound good.

XboxOZ3603112d ago

It's actually a MMA game - a Multiple Martial Arts Fighting style.

They often have one or two particular areas of expertise, but also have to know several others, such as Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Ju Jitsu, Kick-Boxing, Tie-Kwan-do. So it can get rather brutal and difficult, seeing that each opponent can use various moves and styles that may well be an opponents weak spot.

It's actually now become one of the fastest growing contact sports in the world bar none, and has risen up the ranks so fast, that many young and older sports ppl have gotten into it.

Australia has several very good contenders in the sport, and two of them were at the Sydney event when it was at Acer Arena, which was to a capacity crowd. The first time that it had sold out eats within a 2 day period.

If you are able to play it, I think you'll find it quite rewarding, and it's unlike other "boxing" or 'wrestling' games, that is for sure.

Belgavion3112d ago

It's amazing the amount of new features and effort that has been put into this franchise just a year after the first game. All WWE do with their games each year is slightly update the graphics and add one or two new 'modes' that equate to nothing in particular.

nice_cuppa3112d ago

looking forward to this as it seems to be what the first should have been.
I hope they update the roster and move sets with dlc though as i have no intention of buying a ufc game every year..

But i fear that with ea mma coming too we will end up with two mma games every year fighting over whos minor improvement is the best.

Hell no !