Crysis 2 Story to be Written by Award-Winning Author Richard Morgan

BeefJack Writes "Electronic Arts and Crytek announced today that Richard Morgan, award-winning author of the sci-fi bestsellers 'Altered Carbon' and 'Broken Angels', will be penning the story for the highly anticipated sequel to Crysis. They say his first foray into the gaming medium will suit his visceral style well, with Crysis being set in a similarly devastated, science-fiction setting to those found in his novels."

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nycredude3137d ago

They are going to release the game first and then the story will be released as dlc for $10.

El_Colombiano3137d ago

Sounds like Crysis sans the story DLC haha

xDaRkModEx3139d ago

no wonder why trailers looks awesome this time! :)