Why Alan Wake Could Be Awful (Spoilers)

Nathan Hardisty from PlatformNation writes: I'm both looking forward to Alan Wake and swearing it away. It's hailed as a new interbreed of third person shooters and psychological horror, which I'm all for, but I just can't even begin to like it. It's spreading like wildfire and just about every gaming Twitter feed I follow seems to love it to bits, but I think I've seen more than enough to make a judgement. Because I know I won't be buying the thing, I spoiled myself the full game. Since it went gold a few days ago, a lot of information has flooded the internet. One month before it going gold, somebody managed to play through the full game and spoil it for everyone. Thankfully it seemed everyone on the internet was asleep so it was only passed through spoiler tags.

I'm not going to spoil it, but I will talk about the spoiler itself (but not spoil the spoiler). Hard to describe really. If you don't want to read the next section then it's all on you.

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Nelson M3112d ago

Title should read
"Why Alan Wake WILL Be Awful"

Foxgod3112d ago

Didnt you also claim that mass effect 2 and splinter cell would score bad?

Mo0eY3112d ago

Foxgod, you are wrong. Alan Wake has already been given bad scores:

Wrathman3112d ago

the ratio of ps3 fantards on this site astounds me.

just drivel after crap.

if i just posted xbox is sh1t id have 10 bubbles and 50 agrees by morning.

if i posted something so enlightened and true that had a hint of pro-xbox it would be the opposite.if i said the xbox has a controller with 4 coloured buttons id have 100 disagrees and and 1 less bubble than i do now.actually im posting that from now on.

NateNater3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Xbox is Sh1t.

Now lets wait and see what happens ;-)

avengers19783111d ago

This game never ever looked like it would be good. The story is stupid, and stinks of Stephen King's Secret Window. The whole game seems to based on the gimmick of lighting effects, and games that relie on gimmicks are never good. But they MS has been talking this game up for over a year and they had better hope that it delievers.

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GiantEnemyCrab3112d ago

Nothing to see here folks unless you want to have some general concepts of the game spoiled for you.

This guy reads posted spoilers, watches some YouTube clips and then can't decide if Alan Wake is going to be good or awful. He goes back and worth and just cannot seem to make his mind up and then ends in..

"I want it to be a great horror experience, because if this works as well it could, it would be better than Bioshock in my books."

Basically a completely worthless article..

3112d ago
EvilBlackCat3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

and of course ps3 loyalist have one against Alan Wake a game that is not out yet.

wow a disagree already... for what? feel fee to explain why.

YOU ALL POSERS acting like gamers are just a bacteria in the video game history.

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

But the gameplay I've seen hasn't been particularly interesting. We've mostly seen flashlight shining and flares followed by shooting.

EDIT: Well, I sure don't play games for atmosphere.

3112d ago
xabmol3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

"Well, I sure don't play games for atmosphere."

Silent Hill 2, one of the top ten best games ever made, says, "Hi!"

Inside_out3111d ago

Thanx for the post, I couldn't get past the first paragraph....Can't believe how far some fanboy's will go to try to hurt a video game BEFORE launch...This game will be epic...not reading any spoilers...the developer has done enough of that already...

HolyOrangeCows3111d ago

Hi! I'm not a Silent Hill fan, nice to meet you.

unknownhero11233111d ago

I guess you never play any horror/psychological games then because atmosphere is a big part of those games.If that's the case, why are you here?

HolyOrangeCows3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I've never played a horror/psychological game because I'm not a fan of Silent Hill?
Interesting deduction...

I'd just like to have atmosphere AND fun gameplay. Crazy, eh?

DeepInterludium3111d ago

So you played Alan Wake? How can you say it will be far from awful without playing it? You're worse than the guy who wrote this article.

Alan Wake reminds me of the Alone in the Dark reboot that came out this gen, it looked good in previews then turned out to be crap. Wait until you play the game before passing judgement.

Cevapi883111d ago

what was the point of this article??....what was the reason???...thats like somebody playing a demo and saying "ohh man idk about this game, ive played only 10 minutes of it and i feel like its going to be terrible"...give the game a fair chance, wait until its release and then critique it....this though was just pointless

madpuppy3111d ago

It was actually one of the main games that I was looking forward to getting when I was an Xbox360 owner. It looks like it will play out like a really good Action/thriller with supernatural horror elements. to be honest I think I would prefer it over Heavy Rain for a number of reasons. (just my personal opinion, not a slight against Quantic or Heavy rain, I just prefer the story and setting more in Alan Wake.)
Oh well, maybe down the line they will actually release it on the PC, if not I can always watch the cut scenes strung together like a movie on youtube.

cliffbo3111d ago

this game just looks like silent hill on the ps2 slightly better gfx's if you read enough the game really has nothing new and for all those who are going to tell me different show me where you played the game as opposed to those that have genuinely played the game already.

pantatkaula3111d ago

Its not really a spoiler article.. like GEC said.. this article is worthless...

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Hellsvacancy3112d ago

deleted by mod
deleted by mod
deleted by mod
deleted by mod
deleted by mod
deleted by mod
deleted by mod

I can only imagin wot those mofos where moanin about

NateNater3112d ago

They were all just trash talkin' and defending Alan Wake. Nothing new lol

thereapersson3112d ago

All I can do is lol and wonder...

Foxgod3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

The deleting makes it seem worse then it really was.
Their debate probably went like this:

"The 360 is poo poo"
"No, the 360 is not poo poo"
"Lies, the ps3 has the cell, and is clearly better, so 360 is the poo poo"
"No, you are poo poo"


mrv3213112d ago

I was defending against the spoilers, which I hate. It's so childish... spoiling games is the lowest of the low.

Oh and foxgod you forgot that all arguments ends with one person calling the other Hitler then you've reached the end of ANY hope of a logical conversation.

Fanb0y3112d ago

Fangblade: But the PS3 is more powerful than the Xbox! Therefore, Alan Wake is automatically not a good game!

Halo 3 MLG Pro: It's been proven that the Xbox has a stronger GPU and the PS3 has a piece of sh*t SPU and RAM. The Cell is not useful for games

Saga Kin (aka Saaking): I'm not a fanboy, but you eventually have to accept the fact that the Xbox is a weak-ass console. If it were capable of Uncharted 2 level graphics, we would have seen it by now.

Anyone want to continue this?

xabmol3111d ago

lol, Dude, lol

Have a bubble!

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