Is Apple "One More Thing" for Gamers to Hate?

Kombo: The gaming industry, like it or not, is watching Apple shoulder its way into the circle of platform holders. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have a completely unique foe to tangle with. Mobile gaming built for an entirely different audience with an entirely different set of rules.

But the Big Three know about Apple's plans and they're working to minimize the effect the new competitor has on their market shares. Nintendo's pit bull, Fils-Aime, is working to take some of the pressure away by citing the passing nature of nearly every iPhone game. And Microsoft? They're releasing Windows 7 Mobile with Xbox LIVE compatibility built in. This was announced before Game Center, and yet it hasn't come up since. Why?

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thorstein3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

than the piece of crap that it is. The reality is that gamers don't even care about a weak contribution to the world of gaming. Who would pay more for a portable than a console? And with 0 1st party development at that?

Solidus187-SCMilk3110d ago

Im not saying they wont play games on it just games are probably only a small reason why they are buying them.

turok3109d ago

Yes... another thing to add to my hate list.