Pachter "doesn't get the public's fascination" with WWII FPS titles

The Lost Gamer writes:

The latest episode of PachAttack has gone live on Gametrailers, in which Michael Pachter discusses both World War II titles that are seemingly becoming phased out, as well as where the money goes to that you spend on purchasing videogames.

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WildArmed3115d ago

neither do i.. neither do i..

ooo a zombie! MUST KILL!
*runs off*

Chris3993115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Half of what Patcher says is usually straight from Crazy Town, but in this case I agree.

North America's macabre fascination with shooting digital people/ aliens/ zombies is something that I fail to entirely understand. Maybe I'm just not angry or frustrated enough with my life. All games and genres have their trappings and recycled ideas, and often suffer from a general lack of creativity; but seriously, when I read that yet ANOTHER shooter has been announced, a part of me dies on the inside. I weep for the industry and the artists who have to churn out this crap (not that all such games - FPSes - are crap, but the majority certainly are). Or for the sheep who mindlessly purchase (and then bemoan about the bugginess of) yet another Modern Warfare title.

And even with the inclusion of auto-aim and aim-assist, the console controller isn't built very well for these types of games. One thing that I will give the Wii (and soon the PS3 w/ Move - jury is still out on the spazziness of Natal for precision controls in core games) is that they relatively nailed the light-gun style targeting for FPSes. But as it stands, with standard PS3/ 360 pads (the 360's modified analog sticks being arguably a tad better, but still suffering from the issues mentioned above), FPS control schemes have as much finesse as an artist trying to paint with his feet.

I'm actually looking forward to Move (and possibly Natal) for the precision that they can add to the genre.

Automat3114d ago

zombies have nothing to do with wwii.... they should gtfo!

WildArmed3114d ago

lol I guess you were one of the people that didn't like Nazi Zombies.
While CoD5 sucked, Nazi Zombie made it worth it.
Heck even my GF love Nazi Zombies.
Though she gets quite jumpy when i play split screen with her.. esp if the zombies pop out of no where.

The only thing that made me buy a ww2 game (CoD5) was Nazi Zombies.
So WWII should gtfo lol and let zombie reign.

(ofc this is just an opinion)

HolyOrangeCows3114d ago

You're ignorant. Modern Warfare did pretty well WORLD WIDE, not just in America. And trying to connect FPS games with people frustrating with life.....are you from FOX? People play FPS because they're competitive, they're challenging, THEY'RE FUN. I can only imagine how frustrated YOU must be to make such accusations.

Shang-Long3114d ago

well it's One of the biggest wars ever. That inclued the whole world...
People like reliving historical events, even if it's edited a little.

zoonie3114d ago

Totally agree with you, spent so many hours playing zombies with friends and have hardly touched its multiplayer. I did find the single player decent enough though but ruined it by playing it on veteran, ah that brings back bad memories.

Inside_out3114d ago

He doesn't seem to get alot of

IdleLeeSiuLung3114d ago

I don't get war games in old setting either, but apparently people like it.

I can't stand any WWII games and not really looking forward to the Vietnam War setting in the next CoD either.

I'm looking forward to Halo: Reach instead!

Anon19743114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I worked in the brokerage industry for almost a decade and I understand how vital a role analysts play in making the world go round. I have a tonne of respect for the job they do.

I was also aware of his track record and have read some of his reports on gaming related companies. He was right far more often than he was wrong...but here's the thing. His job as an analyst was to examine the game industry, examine the game company's and make sound recommendations on company's stocks for brokers, financial planners, fund managers etc. For the last time, he's not the guy who said Sony was putting out a blu-ray-less PS3.

Then the predictions that had nothing to do with the stocks started. And they were brain dead. Despite his ability to read a company and make recommendations, when it came to predicting wider trends in the industry it became very clear that Pachter is not a gamer, and doesn't understand gamers. Now he's got these little segments on Gametrailers and it's become about 10 times worse.

Stick to what you know, Pachter. Every time you open your mouth now it just harms any residual credibility you once had from the days when you were a real analyst before you became a sound bite machine.

Bigpappy3114d ago

He should retire. Problem solved. Move on!

MazzingerZ3114d ago

I thought his job wasn't to understand but only to know

Tony P3114d ago

Because it's an FPS which is an already popular genre and it is based on a real war idealized as having absolutely no moral complexity whatsoever.

Axis = bad
Allies = good

Chris3993114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Unfortunately, empirical data favors my opinion, not yours.

Sales of MW (360) in NA (note that I originally said "North America", not just "America", as you implied): 5.6 million in NA, vs. 2.4 million in Others (meaning ALL of the pan-Asian/ Euro countries.

MW PS3 had a bit of a more reasonable split. 2.5: 2.3 million, NA/ Others, respectively.

In Japan, on both platforms, the game sold next to nothing.

I can also guarantee that a bulk of "Others" sales from both platforms came from the UK, as well (as their tastes, in some ways, tend to mirror NA's).

So yes, North Americans (and the British), especially those who own Xbox 360s, really do seem to enjoy tactical shooters more than people living in other nations.

So while I apologize if my comment came off as "Fox-newsish", I don't retract anything else that I said, as it appears to be true. I don't appreciate being called ignorant either, when I've made a rather educated statement that you're simply too lazy to investigate. And it was further short-sighted of you to ignore the entire last half of my post regarding control-shcemes, which is also quite irrefutable. I take it then that you prefer clunky analog controls to precision aiming?

And is it that difficult for you to imagine that some people might actually NOT enjoy shooting digital people/ zombies/ monsters as a past-time? Does that make me some sort of Right-wing nazi or Christian fundamentalist in your eyes? Playing a game of chess is tactical and challenging. Fiddling with wonky thumbsticks in a virtual arena filled with pubescent teens screaming "fa*got" or racial slurs on their mics is not.

We can just agree to disagree on this one.

WildArmed3114d ago

I honestly dont mind Patcher.
I think he has some interesting things to say from time to time.

The Bonus Round is always more interesting w/ Patcher around! (Gametrailers)

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godslayer4293114d ago

doesnt get ANYTHING... he needs to find a new job

mcgrawgamer3114d ago

and the public doesn't get the fascination with the gamings media man crush on pachter.

morganfell3114d ago

Particularly one with the range and accuracy of a daisy air rifle...

Subzero200x3114d ago

that's simple all those people who waste their money or crap like that obviously have no lives, and think thing the genre is new lol when it's been on pc for years.

ChickeyCantor3114d ago

People care more for the shooting and how awesome they think they are.

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