All Q2 Notable Releases For Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 having a nice line-up for a quarter known for it's emptiness.

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green3115d ago

Will be getting
- Conviction (but not immediately)
- Alan Wake (Collectors edition because of the 140 page novel)
- Lost Planet.

lelo2play3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Agree with your list... but add:
Red Dead Redemption (looks like a great game)
Split/Second or Blur (one of these)
Alpha Protocol (i think it comes out in June)

and maybe: Nier, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands (not sure about these two)

mrv3213115d ago

I will get the sabatour but it isn't out in Q2... I'm starting to buy more 7/10 and 8/10 because they are just less serious and a nice break. I recently purchased Red Faction: Guerilla and not on person can tell me that blowing up a bridge slowly while standing on top is not fun. And suggestions for fun games which don't take themself serious and probably not an open world?

It looks likely that I'll buy a PS2 and SOTC. I was looking into a 3D0 and the ur-quan masters.

green3115d ago

I know Red Dead will be a great game but for some reason, i have never enjoyed Western movies or games like i enjoy other genres. Will most likely rent it someday.

As for Split Second/Blur, i am playing the Blur multiplayer beta and it is fun so its a game i will consider getting. Prince of Persia, i don't think will be good.

IdleLeeSiuLung3115d ago

As it is, there are far too many good games out and coming. I have a huge backlog, and I already spending a lot of money going forward.

Splinter Cell: Conviction CE
Alan Wake CE
Halo Reach

Other games I'm interested in:
- Lost Planet 2
- Battlefiled Bad Company 2
- Borderlands
- Resident Evil 5 (want this for co-op on 360, but I currently own the CE on the PS3)

On top of this I have access to many top notch PS3 games most within my household like God of War Collections, God of War 3, FF XIII, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain. All games I haven't played.

There simply isn't enough time nor money!

WildArmed3115d ago

top of this quarter to get would be:
1. Red dead redemption
2. Splinter cell or Prince of persia

These games have really got my attention recently.
(people may have seen me shouting that SC:C is my most anticipated game for my 360)

HolyOrangeCows3115d ago

Red Dead is looking sweet. I'll wait to read some reviews, though.

xXRight3yeXx3115d ago

1 exclusive.

Anyway, nice line-up. Happy for it (jk).

3115d ago
ThanatosDMC3114d ago

LP2 better be the game we want it to be. If it doesnt last more than 20+ hours that'll be BS! After all it's a 4 player co-op game which means we'll breeze through most of it.

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I Play Games3115d ago

Splinter,Alan,and Red Dead are all buys for me

Bigpappy3115d ago

SC, AW and RD for sure. Also considering Blur (The beta is sick. It more like and action game than a racer, very aggressive game)and Ninety Nine Nights 3 (I enjoyed the stories in the first and the diversity of combat). Hopefully this one is ever better.

WildArmed3115d ago

nice. I'm not sold on Alan Wake at this point.

I"d replace that with either PoP or Lost planet 2 (maybe?)

XDF3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Splinter Cell
Lost Planet 2
Alan Wake Limted Edition
Red Dead Redemption

NSG3115d ago

Same list for me, except SSF4

right and wrong3115d ago

360 appears to be building up tons of momentum. Q2 will be great but I can't help but notice the onslaught of 360 games being announced. It's like they had a black out and now all of the sudden have risen from the dead. Right now I'm just looking forward to what gets announced next week and the week after. A price drop at E3 would be big for them so let's just all keep they hope they keep delivering.

rezzah3115d ago

the emptyness is based on the eclusives not multiplates. Besides thats a good list of games wether you include the exclusives or not.

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