The Evolution of PC 3D Accelerators

Associatedcontent: Almost 2 decades ago, PC gaming was really simple. Games usually use dots and a few colors to display simple animations and elaborate texts and displays.

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Letros3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

My first GPU was a Diamond Stealth II, it was incredible, I was in disbelief at how fast Interstate '76 ran, and how good it looked at 800x640.

It's an amazing to look back at the evolution of the GPU, Direct X was probably the best thing that happened to PC gaming back in the day, believe it or not you could not play every game with your GPU of choice, some games required a 3DFX etc.

GPU's are amazing pieces of tech, especially considering their parallel processing power as GPGPU's.

BYE3115d ago

DirectX may be the best and the worst thing that happened to PC gaming at the same time.

It makes it harder for the devs to open games for platforms other than Windows.

JsonHenry3115d ago

My first was the Voodoo3 2000 PCI card. I remember playing Quake 2 and The original Jedi Knight game for the first time and thinking "Holy crap! This game looks so much better and runs smoother now!!"

Setekh3115d ago

My first 3D card was a Diamond stealth 3D.
It had 1MB is onboard video memory and went into an ISA slot running at 8MHz. :D
I loved playing TIE Fighter with it. :D

Oldschool gamers ftw. :D

Redempteur3115d ago

i still have my 3dfx1 working .

i still remember the first time i got 60fps while emulating mario 64 on ultra 64 thanks to the 3dfx plug-in ... priceless ..

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darkequitus3115d ago

My first proper all-in-one GPU was a Geforce 256. Before that a Voodoo 1 + Riva 128

pantatkaula3115d ago

I still have my Voodoo Rush with my Cyrix 6x86 desktop.. those are the days... Need For Speed with 3D acceleration.. damn... it gives me tears of joy back then..

champ213115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

My first Gpu was the Powervr chip it could run quake 2 @ 640*480, 800*600 in mid settings. was a school student back then, so the 99usd pricing was very attractive and much much cheaper then getting a console.

Later as i had the funds i went for a voodoo 2, later upgraded to voodoo2 sli that setup was insane. This was back in 1998. I was gaming at 1024*768 (720p) 60fps in almost all my games. PC gaming always has been on the edge. While the masses have only seen 720p gaming in 2006, thats almost a decade ahead in time.

By 2001-2002 we had gpus powerful enough to be running all games in 1600*1200. Again those are resolutions the masses will not see until next gen consoles are out maybe in 2012-2013. Again PC just is a decade ahead.

bednet3115d ago

Still have my VooDoo 5 in a closet somewhere, it was a beast back then. I took it out a few years ago and was able to run GTA Vice City...I had to download custom drivers for it but it ran at reasonable resolution, it only crapped when it rained in the game...the card couldn't render the water effect on the road...thank god there is a cheat to make it sunny.

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